TU sophomore pens top books for Amazon

TU sophomore Jesse Haynes wants to change the world through stories – and TU Communication faculty are looking to help him and other majors do so with new creative production learning faculties.

Since joining TU last year, Haynes has enjoyed watching his young adult science-fiction novels Creepers and Creepers 2 rocket to the top 1 percent of Amazon book sales and top book lists, as well as reaching out to promote storytelling and creative writing among more than 20 middle schools and high schools in the past two years.

His next book, Special, promises to be an emotional rollercoaster of a friendship between a high school cheerleader and a boy with Down syndrome. A featured author at an upcoming statewide book festival, Haynes’ creative works also have entered the world of podcasts, where Cryptid Creatures explores the science behind legendary animals, amassing in excess of 100,000 downloads in its first season.

Feb. 10, 2017, will see the release of the first episode of his next audio drama “The Others,” which will take the readers on a “suspenseful thrill ride,” he notes, “the kind of stuff you don’t really listen to before bed.” The seven-episode series will be available for free on iTunes.

Find out more at www.jessehaynesauthor.com or follow him on Instagram at @jessehaynesauthor.