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Photo Above (From Left to Right): Dr. Joanne Davis, Amanda Schwenke, Kendall Whitney-Snel, Madeline Hudson, Melody Robinson, Matt Crowley, Leyli Beims-Ukens, Dayana Villarreal, Christy Mather, Abhinita Premkumar, Aditi Verma.

About Dr. Davis

Dr. Davis is a professor in the Clinical Psychology program, a founding co-director of The University of Tulsa Institute for Trauma, Adversity, and Injustice (TITAN), director of the Trauma Research, Assessment, Prevention, and Treatment Center (TRAPT), and a member of the University of Tulsa’s Advocacy Alliance Executive Committee.

Dr. Davis’ research interests focus on adults who have experienced or may be at risk for experiencing potentially traumatic events. A primary focus of research is on the assessment and treatment of chronic nightmares and other sleep disturbances in trauma-exposed persons. She developed a treatment for chronic post-trauma nightmares and her lab is currently running several clinical trials assessing the efficacy of this treatment. Her treatment, Exposure, Relaxation, and Rescripting Therapy, is currently being rolled out by the Army Medical Education Department and Dr. Davis serves as the national trainer for this dissemination effort. Students in the Clinical Program have the opportunity to take a practicum with Dr. Davis and serve as assessors and therapists in these trials.

Dr. Davis’ research interests also include the assessment and prevention of interpersonal violence. The TRAPT lab is currently conducting several studies examining the prevalence and impact of interpersonal violence, including the experiences of sexual minorities and transgender individuals.

With the Advocacy Alliance, Dr. Davis and numerous students in the Clinical Program, provide education and prevention programs (i.e., Bringing in the Bystander and Sexpectations) to individuals across campus to enhance the health and safety of all students. She also serves as a member of the Community Coordinated Response Team, a group dedicated to the prevention of interpersonal violence.

Dr. Davis directs a study abroad course in Ghana during the summer focused on global health. She is interested in the psychology of community change in poverty-stricken areas in Ghana. This program partners with two schools in Ghana and is working toward building libraries within these schools.

For students interested in applying to work with Dr. Davis as a graduate student in the upcoming school year, you can find the latest information about current projects we are running in the TRAPT lab and may contact the TRAPT lab manager, Aditi Verma for more information. You may also find more information about projects conducted through the interdisciplinary research institute TITAN.

For undergraduates who are interested in joining our lab, please email Dr. Davis at

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