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Dr. Jennifer Airey (TITAN Co-Director)

TU to Begin Purchasing Textbooks for Freshmen

Dr. Elana Newman (TITAN Co-Director)

University of Tulsa hosts informative roundtable on Ukraine-Russia conflict

Faculty-led panel calls Russian invasion of Ukraine heartbreaking and a debacle


TITAN Institute

How Boarding Schools Created Trauma in Indigenous Communities and the Effects Today: Panel and Screening

Dr. Elana Newman (TITAN Co-Director)

Self-Care Tips for Journalists–Plus a List of Several Resources

“At COVID One-Year Mark, Concerns Persist About Long-Term Mental Health Impact” 

On Social Media, Memories Pop up from a Pandemic Still Going

“How Meghan Markle’s Openness about her Suicidal Thoughts Could Help Others” 

Effects of Pandemic More than Physical

“The Pandemic Anniversary is Coming. Here’s How to Cope” 

“How Do You Explain the Capitol Riots to Children” 

“Talking to Children about the Events at the U.S. Capitol” 

“Let’s Talk About Mental Health and Trauma in Journalism” 

Dr. Kristen Oertel (TITAN Co-Director)

“Parents with unanswered questions as early voting opens for TPS bond package” 

“TPS Voters Head to the Polls Tuesday to Consider $414 Million Bond Package” 

“TPS Bond Supporters Make One Last Push as County GOP Remains Opposed” 

“Controversial Tulsa Public Schools bond discussion to be held” 

“Biden commemorates Tulsa Massacre 100th anniversary” 

“Tulsa Race Massacre: 100 Years ago, a White mob torched ‘Black Wall Street’ and slaughtered Black residents” 

“Tu Professor Breaks Down Historical Significance of US Capitol Riot” 

Dr. Lisa Cromer (TITAN Co-Director)

“Tulsa Experts Weigh in on Simone Biles’ Olympic Withdrawal” 

How Boarding Schools Created Trauma in Indigenous Communities and the Effects Today” : Panel

Compassion and Equanimity as Skills for Surviving and Thriving when School and Career are an Uphill Climb

Dr. Joanne Davis (TITAN Co-Director)

“Why We Shouldn’t Be Afraid of Nightmares”

Dr. Mimi Marton (Previous TITAN Co-Director)

“New TU Law Clinic Named after Greenwood District Icon to Offer Free Legal Services to North Tulsans” 

“TU Legal Clinic Raising Money to Help Family Flee Afghanistan” 

“Tulsa University Legal Clinic Works to Get Refugees out of Afghanistan” 

“In Pursuit of a Better Democracy or Something Else: Oklahoma Latest State to Require High Schoolers to Pass Citizenship Test” 

“Tulsa Organizations Prep to Help ‘Bad Border Crisis’ as OK Senators Voice Concerns” 

“TU Law to Launch Buck Colbert Franklin Legal Clinic” 

“Tulsa Immigration Advocates React to President Biden’s Immigration Proposal” 

“‘They are Not Alone’: Hispanic Domestic Abuse Survivors Speak Out to Help Other Victims” 

“‘We are Survivors’: Domestic Abuse was Part of the Story, but Not the Final Chapters for These Women” 

Dr. Roni Amit (TITAN Co-Director)

“With an Evictions Moratorium Ending Soon, Oklahoma Officials Look at Possible Reforms” 

“Tulsa Tenants Should have the Right to an Attorney During an Eviction Case, TU Experts Say” 

“Legal Help for Those Now Facing Eviction: A Chat with Prof. Roni Amit of the TU College of Law” 

“Study Says Changes to Oklahoma State Law Could Help Prevent Evictions”

“Top Eviction Filers in Tulsa County Owned by Out-of-State Landlords” 

“The Pandemic Hasn’t Stopped One of Oklahoma’s Most Prolific Evictors from Suing Tenants” 

“When Stereotypes, Misconceptions and Wikipedia Decide the Fate of LGBTQI+ Asylum Seekers” 

“The Frontier: Pandemic Hasn’t Stopped One of Oklahoma’s Most Prolific Evictors from Suing Tenants” 


TITAN Institute
“Interdisciplinary research institute works on various projects-The University of Tulsa”

Dr. Elana Newman (TITAN Co-Director)

“Citizens’ perception of crime is affected by disproportionate reporting”

“Found@Tu: Dr. Elana Newman”

“COVID holidays inspire united behaviors, expectations for life in 2021

“Breaking from the news: Journalists need to take breaks from the news–to preserve their mental health”

“Journalists know trauma, but COVID-19 might expose them to something new: anticipatory trauma” 

“Mental health support can’t keep up with wildfires or hurricanes”

How natural disasters are driving a mental health crisis” 

“Getting back to ‘normal’ may not be so easy. Crisis experts can help” 

“Names, private information of child sex crime victims were illegally made public in Cook County court records” 

Dr. Kristen Oertel (TITAN Co-Director)

“Then again: In advocating for herself, Clarina Howard Nichols gained rights for all women” 

“Clarina Howard Nichols: Pioneer Abolitionist and Suffragist”

Kathleen Strunk (Previous TITAN Co-Director)

“Wait to vote on Supreme Court nominee” 

Dr. Lisa Cromer (TITAN Co-Director)

“Is There a Way to Cure or Prevent Nightmares?” 

Dr. Roni Amit (TITAN Co-Director)

“Roni Amit: Tenants Find Little Justice in Tulsa’s Eviction Court” 

“Program Offers to Pay Rent for Tulsa Families Facing Evictions during COVID-19 Crisis” 

“Hope in a Time of Crisis”

“Interview with Roni Amit” 

“Decolonization’s Borders” 

“Eviction Cases Resume Leaving Many Renters and Landlords in Crisis” 

“TU Law Studies Compares Eviction Statistics Before, After, COVID-19”

“TU Law Study: Injustice in Tulsa Eviction Cases” 

“Eviction in Tulsa: An Update” 

“Study Identifies Several Concerns with Tulsa County Eviction Process” 

“Renter’s Rights: Eviction Cases Resume Leaving Many Renters and Landlords in Crisis Amid Pandemic” 

Dr. Mimi Marton (Previous TITAN Co-Director)

“Ask a Lawyer TV Show” 

“Access to Justice for Underserved Communities-TU Law Opens the Terry West Civil Legal Clinic” 

“TU Law to Open Public Defender Clinic in Fall 2020” 


TITAN Institute

“University of Tulsa scholars: What you need to know about interpersonal violence before the Kavanaugh hearing” 

Dr. Elana Newman (TITAN Co-Director)

“Tulsa Psychologist to Head New York Office Aiding Journalists” 

“Pulitzer exhibit at Gilcrease to close with panel discussion” 

“‘It gets to you.’ Extremism researchers confront the unseen toll of their work” 

“When bad news gets to be too much” 

“Journalists need more help than ever coping with work trauma” 

“Moderating content doesn’t have to be so traumatic” 

Found@TU: Studying the links between journalism and trauma

“TU Student Chelsea Shotwell Tabke: Assisting Refugees in Karnes City, Texas” 

Dr. Kristen Oertel (TITAN Co-Director)

“Found@TU: Dr. Kristen Tegtmeier Oertel” 

“Wayne Greene: Could Alexander Hamilton ever have been president of the United States and, more important, how do we really know what happened so long ago?” 

“Scholars say racism is not just about epithets” 

Forging A Path: Striving to Become a More Perfect Union – AWARD WINNING C-SPAN Documentary”

Dr. Jennifer Airey (TITAN Co-Director)

“Found@TU: Dr. Jennifer Airey” 

“Pornography Distorts Images of Sexuality and Identity” 

Kathleen Strunk (Previous TITAN Co-Director)

“Constitutional carry will increase suicide deaths in Oklahoma” 

“Suicides Will Go Up” 

Dr. Lisa Cromer (TITAN Co-Director)

“Giving Kids the Power to Make Nightmares Go Away” 

Dr. Mimi Marton (Previous TITAN Co-Director)

“Tulsa County Commissioners Accused of Misleading the Public over Immigration Enforcement Program” 

“Officials Accused of Deceiving Residents” 

“Working for Due Process for Immigrants Detained by ICE” 

“Erosion of Trust: Confusion and Conflict Swirl Around Tulsa County’s Contract with ICE” 

“Access to Justice for Underserved Community: TU Law Opens the Terry West Civil Legal Clinic” 

“TU Law Students Counsel Immigrants Detained by ICE” 

“TU Law Students and Faculty Expand Access to Justice in America’s Heartland Beyond” 

“TU Student Chelsea Shotwell Tabke: Assisting Refugees in Karnes City, Texas” 

Dr. Roni Amit (TITAN Co-Director)

Terry West Civil Legal Clinic Opens at TU

“TPS Termination Erodes Immigrants’ Trust” 

“Q & A with Dr. Roni Amit” 

“Deportation Defense Clinic Receives Mary Dewar Human Rights Award for Aiding LI Immigrants” 


TITAN Institute

“The Facts about Interpersonal Violence” 

Dr. Elana Newman (TITAN Co-Director)

“U.N. cases read like ‘Manual in how not to investigate’ sexual assault” 

“‘Don’t name them’ campaign aims to stop the next school shooting” 

“When the news breaks the journalist” 

“Hateful messages are an occupational hazard of journalism” 

“Anticipating the daily traumas of local reporting” 

Dr. Kristen Oertel (TITAN Co-Director)

“Tulsa students heading home with a new Caribbean cultural perspective” 

“Alumni at a glance: Kristen Teigtmeier Oertel ’91” 

“With new focus on Kansas City, Kansas, underground railroad site, here’s a name to know” 


Dr. Lisa Cromer (TITAN Co-Director)

“‘We Won’t Let This Tragedy Win’: A Year after ORU Basketball Player’s Suicide, Sister Aims to Keep her Memory Alive” 

“UOG Psych Grads Accepted into Prestigious Doctoral Programs” 

“UOG Grads Accepted into Doctoral Programs” 

Dr. Mimi Marton (Previous TITAN Co-Director)

“Immigration Activists say Tulsa County is Deporting People who Came to U.S. ‘Seeking a Better Life'”

“Dream Act Tulsa” 

“Symposium: Dislocations and Migrations” 

“June Immigration Law Section Meeting” 

“Immigration Aggorney: Influx of Detainees at the Tulsa Jail Appear to be Mostly Males from the Southern Border Seeking Asylum” 

“TU Law Students Support Immigrants Seeking Asylum in Texas” 

“Separation of Migrant Parents and Children Happening in Green County” 

“Tulsa-area High School Students Learn about Legal Careers at TU” 

“KJRH Immigration Interview” 

“Law Student Discovers Passion for Immigration Law at TU” 

Dr. Roni Amit (TITAN Co-Director)

“TPS Termination Erodes Immigrants’ Trust” 

“Hofstra Law’s Deportation Defense Clinic Students Advocate on Behalf of Immigrants at Imminent Risk for Deportation” 


Dr. Elana Newman (TITAN Co-Director)

“The Cohort: How do you stay sane in a dizzying news cycle?”

“The future of concert safety and security, post-Vegas” 

“Ex-Microsoft worker says policing toxic images led to PTSD” 

Dr. Jennifer Airey (TITAN Co-Director)

“Closing thoughts: Jennifer Airey” 

Dr. Kristen Oertel (TITAN Co-Director)

“Professor Sheds Light on Life and Legacy of Harriet Tubman”

Black History Month Honored at Area Libraries

Harriet Tubman an Acquired Savant, Says Rain Man’s Doctor

Dr. Lisa Cromer (TITAN Co-Director)

“New School Start Times for 2017-18 School Year” 

Dr. Mimi Marton (Previous TITAN Co-Director)

“Tulsa Jail ICE Detainers Double in a Year as Immigrant Enforcement Partnership Nets Millions for Sheriff’s Office” 

“Legal Perspective: TU Law’s Incubator Program Filling Critical Need Among Law Students” 

Tulsa Jail Sees Increases in ICE Detainees

“TU Law Professors and Students Respond to DACA Termination” 

“Tulsa Jail Increase in ICE Detainees” 

“Despite Trump’s Threats, Enforcing Immigration Laws ‘Not Part of our Mandate’ Local Officials Say” 

“Trump’s Travel Ban Shocks, Worries Oklahoma’s Muslim Communities” 

Dr. Laura Wilson (TITAN Co-Director)

“TU Football: Sub-concussive Study by TU Professors Could Help Make Sport Safer” 

Dr. Roni Amit (TITAN Co-Director)

“Lawsuit Challenges Nassau Over Police Handling of ICE Cases” 

“Hoftstra Law Clinic Sues NCPD for Immigration Policy” 

Dr. Joanne Davis (TITAN Co-Director)

“Psychological Toll of Shame in Military Personnel” 


Dr. Elana Newman (TITAN Co-Director)

“It just seems like the right thing to do” 

How to cope with the fear of terrorism

“Leader of Pulitzer-winning ‘Spotlight’ team talks of reporting on child sex abuse cover-up” 

“‘Spotlight’ Editor to Headline Pulitzer Centennial Program at University of Tulsa” 

“Programs at TU, OU to Recognize 100th Anniversary of Pulitzer Prize” 

“Faith and Values Briefs” 

Dr. Kristen Oertel (TITAN Co-Director)

“Harriet Tubman: Slavery, the Civil War, and Civil Rights in the Nineteenth century” 

Dr. Lisa Cromer (Titan Co-Director) 

“TU Hosts Mental Toughness Training with Navy SEALs” 

Dr. Mimi Marton (Previous TITAN Co-Director)

“Second Year Challenges Ahead for Law School Dean” 

“TIRN Dedicated to Serving the Noncitizen Community” 

“TU Law Announces Legal Incubator to Expand Access to Justice for Noncitizens” 

Dr. Roni Amit (TITAN Co-Director)

“African Refugees in South Africa are Often Unable to Access their Rights” 

“South Africa’s Deliberately Flawed Asylum System: A Mechanism for Migration Control” 

“Refugee Protection is Politics” 

“South Africa, A Very Poor Performer When it Comes to Welcoming Migrants” 

“In Pursuit of the American Dream” 


Dr. Kristen Oertel (TITAN Co-Director)

“Celebrate the stars and stripes” 

“Arts scene: Novel Talk explores work of Sue Mon Kidd” 

“Tulsa News Station Suspends Live Shot Temporarily After Killings of Virginia Journalists” 

Dr. Joanne Davis (TITAN Co-Director)

“Staff Perspective: Examining Exposure, Relaxation, Rescription Therapy (ERRT) for Nightmares” 

Dr. Roni Amit (TITAN Co-Director)

“Paying for Protection: Corruption in South Africa’s Asylum System” 

“Understanding and Responding to Xenophobic Violence” 

“Roni Amit on SA Migration Policy, ‘We don’t have a Cohesive, Rational Migration Policy” 

“‘Money for Papers’ at Home Affairs” 


Dr. Elana Newman (TITAN Co-Director)

“The scientific research shows reports of rape are often murky, but rarely false” 

Kathleen Strunk (Previous TITAN Co-Director)

“Inhofe’s actions show lack of awareness” 

Dr. Lisa Cromer (TITAN Co-Director)

“Ginnie Column Nightmares” 

“Ginnie Graham: TU Sleep Study Finds Way to Shoo Away Nightmares Naturally” 

“Helping Kids Sleep Strong Workshop” 

Dr. Joanne Davis (TITAN Co-Director)

“Local Researchers Take New Approach to Treating PTSD” 

Dr. Roni Amit (TITAN Co-Director)

“Constitutional Rights in Egypt Remain to be Determined…” 

“SA’s New asylum form Stirs Controversy” 

“South Africa’s Controversial New Asylum Form” 

“New Asylum Application Form Raises Controversy in South Africa”

“Somali Shop-Swap” 

Dr. Joanne Davis (TITAN Co-Director)

“Ginnie Column Nightmares” 


Dr. Lisa Cromer (TITAN Co-Director)

“University of Tulsa Study Helps Curb Nightmares, Researchers Say” 

Dr. Joanne Davis (TITAN Co-Director)

“University of Tulsa Study Helps Curb Nightmares, Researchers Say” 

“TU’s Research on Nightmares Proving Promising” 

Dr. Jennifer Airey (TITAN Co-Director)

“People & Places: ‘Love, Loss and What I Wore’ Book Reading Set for Feb. 28 Event” 

Dr. Roni Amit (TITAN Co-Director)

“Security Rhetoric and Detention in South Africa” 

“South Africa’s Flawed Asylum System” 

“Detention Justice Forum Host Panel on Preventing Torture at the ISS Conference on Criminal Justice” 

“Fears for Health of Deported Triplets” 

“Zimbabwe Wants SA to Keep its Citizens” 

Is South Africa the Largest Recipient of Asylum-Seekers Worldwide?


Dr. Elana Newman (TITAN Co-Director)

“Why Washington Post journalist first wrote about her rape, 28 years later” 

“Oklahomans Feel the Force of ‘Sandy'” 

Kathleen Strunk (Previous TITAN Co-Director)

“Letter to the editor: View the video” 

Dr. Lisa Cromer (TITAN Co-Director)

“Holiday Stress Relief: Plan Ahead, Be Flexible, and Stay Happy, Healthy” 

Dr. Roni Amit (TITAN Co-Director)

“Listen to Interview with Roni Amit” 

“Migrants Suffer Under Weight of South Africa’s Refugee System” 

“‘Sexual Refugees’ Struggle to Access Asylum” 

“Foreigners Still at Risk” 

“Specter of Xenophobia Haunts South Africa” 

Dr. Joanne Davis (TITAN Co-Director)

“A Son of the South: Novel Talk on Pat Conroy” 


Dr. Elana Newman (TITAN Co-Director)

Writer copes with post-traumatic stress

“War Wounds Still Haunt Veterans” 

“The silencing crime: Sexual violence and journalists” 

Dr. Kristen Oertel (TITAN Co-Director)

“Clarina Howard Nichols and the Politics of Motherhood”

“Kristen Oertel and Marilyn Blackwell discuss Frontier Feminist: Clarina Howard Nichols and the Politics of Motherhood”

“Clarina Howard Nichols: Vermont’s First Feminist” 

“Blazing a Path to Freedom: African Americans and their White Allies in Bleeding Kansas” 

Dr. Roni Amit (TITAN Co-Director)

“South Africa: New Laws Mean New Hurdles for Asylum Seekers” 

“Horn Migrants Heading South ‘Pushed Backwards'” 


Dr. Elana Newman (TITAN Co-Director)

“TU Prof Recounts Haiti Trip” 

“Oklahoma Poll Shows Support of Programs for Female Inmates” 

“TU Professor Tells of Helping Haitian Journalists after Quake” 

Dr. Kristen Oertel (TITAN Co-Director)

“Mother Courage” 

Dr. Joanne Davis (TITAN Co-Director)

“Treating Trauma” 

“TU Film Festival Concentrates on Women in Prison” 


Dr. Joanne Davis (TITAN Co-Director)

“TU, OU Professors Aim for Collaboration” 


Dr. Elana Newman (TITAN Co-Director)

“Neda: Latest iconic image to inspire” 

“TU Graduate Students Examine How Bad News Can Affect People” 

“Bad News is Topic of Forum at TU” 

Dr. Joanne Davis (TITAN Co-Director)

“Breaking the Cycle” 


Dr. Elana Newman (TITAN Co-Director)

“Going to the Dentist Doesn’t have to be Scary” 

“Puzzling Behavior Attributed to Stockholm Syndrome” 

Dr. Joanne Davis (TITAN Co-Director)

“Docs Get Med Books for Iraq” 


Dr. Elana Newman (TITAN Co-Director)

“Lather, Rinse, Confess” 

Dr. Joanne Davis (TITAN Co-Director)

“TU Prof Heads Drive to Help Iraqi Doctors” 

“Participants Wanted for TU Study” 

“What about Assaults on Women?” 


Dr. Elana Newman (TITAN Co-Director)

“Tulsans to Quietly Recall National Tragedy of 9/11” 

Dr. Joanne Davis (TITAN Co-Director)

“New Approach Developed to Treat Recurring Nightmares”

“Wait Until Dark” 


Dr. Elana Newman (TITAN Co-Director)

“Bouncing Back” 

“Color Me Confused” 

“Journalists Need Release for Emotions” 

“Speech to Focus on Helping Journalists” 

Dr. Joanne Davis (TITAN Co-Director)

“‘Generators’ are Essential”

“EMDR Not a Breakthrough” 


Dr. Elana Newman (TITAN Co-Director)

“Grieving our Neighbors’ Losses” 

“Oklahomans Feared Just Such an Attack” 

“Tulsan to Assess NY Stress” 

“Tulsa Psychologist to Head New York Office Aiding Journalists” 


Dr. Elana Newman (TITAN Co-Director)

“Awareness Key During Mental Health Month” 

“Educator to Speak on Women’s Feats” 


Dr. Elana Newman (TITAN Co-Director)

“Law, Reality Sometimes Differ in Pay Equity” 


Dr. Elana Newman (TITAN Co-Director)

“Studying for Peace” 

“Letters: ‘Stressful’ Column” 

“Victims of Hate Crime Needed” 

“Hate Crime Victims Sought for Survey”