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Ghana Course

Study Abroad To Ghana


The study abroad to Ghana program is currently on hiatus

Drs. Davis and Foley developed a course, “Responding to Interpersonal, Intercultural and Historical Violence.” This course was offered by the University of Tulsa Institute of Trauma, Adversity, and Injustice (TITAN) and cross-listed with Psychology, Sociology, and Women’s and Gender Studies. The course topics addressed experiences of interpersonal violence, individual and community experiences of war and displacements, and the historical violence of the slave trade in Ghana.  Classroom instruction, field visits, and service projects that provided students with hands-on experience with the local culture were offered.

Welcome                 Gulf of Guinea 2013

Exploring the University of Guinea!           The class at the Gulf of Guinea.

Wise- DMV in Ghana                 Water Fall Wali

A visit to WISE, where they are doing       Enjoying Wli Waterfall – one of the
incredible work with domestic violence     tallest in Western Africa!
in Ghana.

Service Project-TITAN                  Wli Falls - Agumatsa

TITAN spent one day of community            The group in front of Wli falls,
service at a school, where they painted      located in the Agumatsa Wildlife
painted the outside and inside of                Sanctuary                                                                                 classrooms.