Time magazine cites TU Professor Emeritus Robert Hogan

Time magazine cites TU professor emeritus

Robert Hogan, University of Tulsa professor emeritus of psychology, was a source for the Time article “Find Out If Your Personality Fits Your Job” by Eliza Gray, appearing in the June 22, 2015, edition. Hogan and his late wife, Joyce (also a TU psychology faculty member), cofounded Hogan Assessments and pioneered the use of personality assessments to improve workplace performance.

Robert Hogan
Robert Hogan

In the Time article, Hogan weighed in on how questions that seem unrelated to the job can be used to identify the ideal employee. A gift from Hogan Assessment Systems has funded a new graduate student lounge and offices for the TU Department of Psychology. Located in Lorton Hall, the long-used area needed updating to better serve current students as well as attract new students who visit.

Hogan is an international authority on personality assessment, leadership, and organizational effectiveness. His theory-based work in personality measurement has contributed to the development of socioanalytic theory, which maintains that the core of personality is based on evolutionary adaptations. He is widely credited with demonstrating how personality factors influence organizational effectiveness in a variety of areas, ranging from organizational climate and leadership to selection and effective team performance.

As an iconoclastic observer of American psychology, Hogan maintains that personality is best examined from the perspective of the observer (reputation) rather than the actor (a person’s identity). As a consequence, he asserts that personality tools should be evaluated in terms of how well reputations (defined by personality tests) predict behavior on the job and in relationships.

TU continues Hogan’s research on workplace personality tests. Learn more here.