Undergraduate Students - Kendall College of Arts and Sciences

Undergraduate Students

Vishwasri Aleti

contact information: vishwasri.aleti@gmail.com

hometown: St. Louis, Missouri

program: Psychology, Organizational Studies

lab affiliation: Fall 2021 – present

Vishwasri loves learning about human behavior, as she finds it fascinating that there is so much to learn about huamsn. She hopes to get involved in numerous clubs to get involved in the TU community. Outside of school, Vishwasri is currently a Kuchipudi Indian Dancer and the Assistant Red Cross Club Coordinator for the Missouri-Arkansas region. After her undergraduate studies, she hopes to go to graduate school to study I/O Psychology.

Ashley Booe

contact information: amb2012@utulsa.edu

hometown: Dallas, Texas

program: Speech Language Pathology, minor: Psychology

lab affiliation: Spring 2022 – present

I am a speech language pathology major, but enjoy learning about psychology. I have a cat named Skeeter and I like reading and longboarding in my free time.

Aubrey Ellis

contact information: jte0248@utulsa.edu

program: Psychology B.S., my minors are Music, Math, and Computer Science

lab affiliation: Fall 2021 – present

Currently 9th semester senior, Aubrey joined the psychology program at TU because she is interested in using counseling and research to help people who need it. She is a passionate musician, and has been playing the piano since eight years old. In addition to playing and listening to classical music, she enjoys playing video games in her free time.

Elizabeth Fankhauser

contact information: eaf6917@utulsa.edu

hometown: Moore, Oklahoma

program: Psychology major and French Minor

lab affiliation: Spring 2022 – present

Elizabeth is very interested in psychological research and has an interest in languages. Outside of that, Elizabeth is also involved in the arts and is a member of Alpha Psi Omega National Theater Honor Society. She enjoys reading and creative storytelling in her free time. After finishing her undergraduate studies, Elizabeth hopes to continue to graduate school to study Clinical Psychology.

Jalynne Gonzalez

contact information: jag0501@utulsa.edu

hometown: Tulsa, Oklahoma

program: Psychology

lab affiliation: Fall 2022 – present

Jalynne is a Psychology major with two minors in Philosophy/Religion and History. She plans to attend graduate school for school psychology! Outside of school, she enjoys roller skating, hanging out with her pets, and playing video games.

Keaton Kopp

contact information: kwk5556@utulsa.edu

hometown: Tulsa, Oklahoma

program: Political Science Major

lab affiliation: Fall 2022 – present

Keaton is a Political Science major who loves research, reading, and writing. He is the founder and president of the TU Pre-Law Society and is plan on attending law school next fall.

Megan Posey

contact information: mep0351@utulsa.edu

hometown: Lawrence, KS

program: Psychology

lab affiliation: Fall 2021 – present

Outside of my passion for human behavior and personality I enjoy reading, crafting, and spending time with my people (and cats). My plan after graduation is to attend graduate school for a PhD in Clinical Psychology. Currently I am interested in how childhood trauma impacts personality development and addiction. Summer of 2022 I will be completing the NIDA Summer Research Internship at LIBR in Tulsa, OK.

Phoebe  Robinson

contact information: phr5500@utulsa.edu

hometown: Sand Springs, Oklahoma

program: Psychology, History

lab affiliation: Fall 2021 – present

Phoebe is a duel degree student majoring in psychology and history. She’s a member of the Psychology Club. In her free time she enjoys painting and kayaking. She plans on attending law school after her undergrad.