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Organizations can find themselves struggling with employee engagement, effectiveness or satisfaction.

By assessing an organization’s climate or culture, data-driven recommendations can be made to move the needle on employee and organizational outcomes.

Recent Work

Dr. Narayan and members of the TACL lab organized a climate assessment with a non-profit organization in Tulsa to assess the reward and recognition climate, employee effectiveness, attitudes, and organizational citizenship behavior.

Partnering with a local religious organization, the TACL lab assessed organizational culture and provided a detailed report of findings.

In order to develop a diversity program that stresses both the instrumental and terminal values of diversity, Dr. Narayan and members of the TACL lab have partnered with a local university. With the same organization, the TACL lab conducted a training needs analysis for a global community staff development project.


Interested in learning more about your organization’s climate or culture? Let us hear from you! From a training needs assessment to the development of a diversity program, the TACL lab can be a strategic partner for change in your organization.

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