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Department of Sociology

People spend their entire lives in social groups and networks, ranging from the family to global systems. Sociologists study how these groups and networks work.

Developing the ability to analyze society is a core component of anyone’s education and personal development, and thus, the sociology major facilitates any career. In addition, sociology majors can design a specific program of study in preparation for graduate school, professional school (law, business, medicine) and for careers in social service, government, research, consulting, teaching or business.

Our close, personal attention to students, both within and outside the classroom, is a major strength of the sociology program at The University of Tulsa. We have a deep commitment to teaching and helping students develop their full potential.

  • Our Mission

    Our mission is to provide students with a rigorous curriculum in sociology, support students in their academic and professional endeavors, and help them prepare for meaningful work and/or graduate school after graduation. In addition, we aim to support each other as colleagues as we engage in our teaching, research and service activities and to work collaboratively as we continuously create a student-centered department culture.

  • Student Research

    Research shapes students into critical and analytical thinkers. TU’s Department of Sociology offers endless possibilities for students to step outside their world and research the unknown. Our students ask the tough questions to discover meaningful truths about their subjects and themselves. Learn more.


  • Alumni

    Sociology prepares students to excel in every facet of society. From social workers to human rights activists, the diverse career opportunities are evident in our alumni.

    Emory Lazenby

    Interpersonal violence has been haunting the news headlines, and the desperately needed conversation surrounding victimization is not going away. Emory Lazenby (BA ’12) has dedicated her life to helping women recognize danger signs and learn the tools to escape threatening situations. Lazenby was recently named TU’s Domestic Violence Intervention Services survivor advocate. Read more.

    Isaac Sanders

    IsaacIssac Sanders social justice interest expands past his undergraduate career. As a self-described social justice warrior, Sanders is attending The University of Kansas to pursue a master’s degree in social work with a macro concentration. Read more.

    Maria Copp

    Maria CoppThe fight for social justice is not always in the form of protest signs or marches. Tucked away in her eighth-grade reading classroom at East Central Junior High School, TU alumna Maria Copp (BA ‘12) chips away at education inequity. Copp’s fervor against injustice was first stirred in her sociology classes at The University of Tulsa. Read more.

    Grace Farha

    Since August of 2016, Grace Farha has been working at FOCUS North America, a Pittsburgh-based nonprofit. FOCUS is many things — resource center, health clinic, food pantry, clothing bank and more. As human services coordinator, Farha conducts initial client interviews to determine how the center can best serve them. Read more.



  • Student & Alumni Blogs

    In their own words, sociology students and alumni share their adventures studying abroad, learning the ropes at an internship and navigating the job market.

    Shannon Compton

    Greetings, current Sociology students! I am a former Sociology student, asked by Dr. Chase to write some things about my occasionally messy path from college to where I am now, so that perhaps you can all glean some lessons from it. Currently, I work as a physical therapist for individuals with traumatic brain injuries. Read more.

    Margaret Mealy

    This summer, I was able to do an internship with the non-profit organization, New Hope Oklahoma. New Hope’s primary goal is to end generational incarceration by working with and serving kids who have parents or loved ones in prison. After taking a criminology class about crime and social justice at TU, I was aware of the atrocious state of the criminal justice system and the little known fact that Oklahoma has the largest population of women in prison. Read more.

    Maureen Haynes

    In the spring of last year, I happened to venture by one of TU’s job fairs which was being held in one of the rooms at the student union. As freshman, I wasn’t expecting too much, but I wanted to get the lay-of-the-job-fair-land before it would become an infinitely more important experience as an upperclassman. Looking back, I’m glad that I did! Read more.

    Abbey Marino

    With tears in my eyes, I looked over the city of Bangkok from a descending aircraft. Still thousands of feet up, my mind swirled with endless possibilities of what could go wrong in the coming months. Five months later, looking down over the same skyline, tears filled my eyes once more as I reflected on the time passed and the personal growth taken place. Read more.