Sociology student finds opportunity and passion after transferring to TU

Roxanne EddingtonThe faculty and students of the The University of Tulsa sociology department have shirts that make a simple, yet meaningful statement that relates to their studies – Make the familiar strange. For Roxanne Eddington, a junior sociology major TU, she fell in love with sociology for that very reason – looking at things in a way that she never would have before. And ever since the beginning of her studies at TU, her love has blossomed even more thanks to her humbling experiences with her fellow sociology students and professors at TU.

Eddington was a transfer student from Tulsa Community College and from the initial connections made with TU when she decided to transfer, she immediately felt welcomed.

“Prior to enrolling in classes at TU, I had the opportunity to meet with members of the sociology department,” Eddington said. “This was extremely encouraging as a transfer student.”

She officially began her transition from TCC to TU and became a student of the sociology department.

Being placed in real-life experiences are said to be the best learning tools. This theory reigns true for Eddington as she credits one of the most valuable components of her TU learning so far as her internship experience.

In the fall of 2016, she helped assist in the creation of a resource fair called Access Days.

“The resource fairs were held at two low-income apartment complexes in Tulsa,” she explained.  “I had the opportunity to contact local social service agencies and ask them to represent their services to the communities at the apartment complexes.”

Not only was she able to coordinate with the agencies, but also with the residents for which the Access Days were created, giving her full circle involvement in this project from beginning to end.

“It was beautiful to see the events come together and see that the residents appreciated having knowledge about what services were available to them,” she said. “Organizing the events and then getting direct feedback from the people the events were designed to benefit was an excellent experience.”

The overall experience of being a student in TU’s sociology department has been a joy for Eddington and has made her realize that she is doing what she loves in a field for which she truly has a passion.

“The sociology department, including students, professors and coursework, is diverse,” she said.  “You will never be uninterested. I fell in love with sociology because it opens your eyes to groups of people, prejudices and opinions that you may not have realized even existed.”

She is following through with the department’s signature slogan and her reasoning for following the path of sociology. She is making the familiar strange.