Student films, honors and awards

Student films, honors and awards

display of various colorful items on a blue tablecloth including a program for Senior Film Night

At the Spring Film Festival, Julia Grantham received the Dr. Joseph A. Kestner Award, Samuel Modde received the Outstanding Senior Award and Eric Reese was honored with the Audience Award.

Aubrey Allen, Samuel Modde, Jiaxu “Karsh” Jin and Kate Lundy presented their student films to friends and family for Senior Film Night at the end of the semester in Gussman Concert Hall at the Lorton Performance Center.

Happening at the same time as Senior Film Night, the Arts and Humanities Festival in Downtown Tulsa showcased the following students’ films as an art installment at the Henry Zarrow Center for Art and Education:

Kate Lundy, Covid 19: The College Experience of 2021

Samuel Modde, Kendall Hall and Functioning

Jiaxu “Karsh” Jin, Those Stories that Happened to Us

Aubrey Allen (podcast), Phreaks of Phandalin: The Silent Symphony, Mvt. I: The Council

five people standing closely side by side on a stage
Professor Jeff Van Hanken, Aubrey Allen, Jiaxu “Karsh” Jin, Samuel Modde, Kate Lundy