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School of Music Advocates – Spring 2023 update

The October Homecoming launch of the School of Music Advocates has been received with exciting enthusiasm and gratifying generosity! We are making a difference in the future of the School of Music through talent-based scholarship assistance.

Through your financial support and that of the Patti Johnson Wilson Foundation, the David B. Waters Charitable Trust, and The Albert and Hete Barthelmes Foundation, SOMA has raised $155,000 since the launch.

All SOMA talent-based TU music scholarships are four-year grants. Therefore, a first-year student receiving a $5,000 scholarship will have a total grant of $20,000, drawing down $5,000 each of the four years of study.

To date $26,000 has been offered to six incoming students, which means that $104,000 will have been committed for this 2023 recruiting class. These are all students who could not have attended TU without these scholarships. It’s your support of SOMA that has made TU competitive for these talented and highly sought students!

It is also a reminder that as SOMA donors we cannot be “one and done.” In order for the TU School of Music to be competitive and regain its stature, we must commit to giving annually. Please build your annual TU SOMA contribution into your overall giving plan now to continue to help these students and your alma mater.

The SOMA Steering Committee is doing exceptional work to expand the network, increase membership, and sponsor musicians like Mike Vax and the Stan Kenton Legacy Orchestra at Lorton Performance Center, enriching the campus and offering outstanding musical experiences for the entire community. These events also attract aspiring musicians to campus and are excellent for recruiting new talent to TU.

Thanks to each member of the SOMA Steering Committee for their time, talent, and commitment: Ron Predl, Vernon Howard, Ken Busby, Suzy Thompson, David Carter, Rick Wagner, Rich Fisher, Rowena Mills, Gerald Davis, Rick Koontz, Tom Stout, Caleb Ricketts, Mac Finlayson, Mike Bennett, Jason Heilman, Steve Ham, Joe Metzer, and Roger Price.

About The University of Tulsa School of Music Advocates

The University of Tulsa School of Music Advocates (SOMA) is a volunteer organization of music lovers from the greater Tulsa area and beyond who enthusiastically support the advancement and excellence of the School of Music by:

  • Providing greater awareness in the community and throughout the region of the rich and varied century long musical tradition of the School of Music and its continuing contributions to the great Tulsa musical landscape
  • Creating and sustaining scholarships for academically and musically talented current and future School of Music students
  • Funding private studio lessons for nonmajors who participate in School of Music ensembles

We invite you to join this dedicated inner circle of music lovers who will inform the evolution of TU SOMA and the future of the TU School of Music.  Your membership will provide personal connections and interaction with the outstanding faculty and students of the School of Music; easy access to notices, announcements, and updates for School of Music concerts, recitals, workshops, visiting artists, and master classes on campus and across the community; fun and engaging social and fund-raising events to benefit the School of Music; and opportunities to connect and reconnect with others like yourself who believe in and cherish the musical excellence and tradition of TU music for its students and the community at large.


Giving Levels

  • Allegretto $1 – $199
  • Allegro $200 – $499
  • Vivace $500 – $999
  • Presto $1,000 – $4,999
  • Prestissimo $5,000+

SOMA Chairs

Ron Predl

Vernon Howard

Ken Busby

Richard Wagner, Director, TU School of Music

David Carter, Faculty Liason

For more information about TU SOMA, contact

School of Music Advocates Charter Members

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