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TURC Application Process

A student may enter the TURC program as a co-investigator working on a faculty member’s research project or as a primary investigator on a mentored independent research project. For those entering as co-investigators it is expected that the student will develop the research skills necessary for the development of a mentored independent research project in the future.

Co-investigator application process:

  1. The selection of a TURC co-investigator is streamlined and requires a faculty request describing the student’s role and a commitment to mentoring the student’s development as a researcher.
  2. The student submits a transcript, a statement of commitment to the project, and a statement outlining the intended community service.
  3. Submit all materials via email to the A&S TURC Director, Kristen Oertel.

Primary investigator application process:

  1. Application as a primary investigator begins with the identification of a project and a faculty mentor. You should secure a commitment of mentorship as early as possible.
  2. The mentored development of a thorough project proposal is the critical second step. The project proposal should outline the (1) objectives of your project; (2) time line and procedures to be followed; (3) significance of the work (4) plans for participation and presentation at the Annual Student Research Colloquium and any other presentations.
  3. The project proposal comprises the central component of the A&S Student Application Form; complete this form and include a transcript of all academic work.
  4. The application also asks for an outline of your proposed community service project (see below for more information about the service component).
  5. Finally, the faculty mentor provides a recommendation regarding the student’s project and the student’s promise for effective completion.
  6. Submit all materials via email to the A&S TURC Director, Kristen Oertel.

Application Deadlines

Applications will be received twice during the academic year: November 1st and April 1st. Those students who wish to apply for summer funding must submit a progress report, plans for summer research, and a formal request for funding by April 1st to the A&S TURC Director, Kristen Oertel.

Summer financial support is limited to students who have participated in TURC for at least one semester (you must have applied by Nov. 1 of the previous year). Applications for summer participation without financial support are acceptable any time through April 1st and do not require prior participation.

TURC Admission Selection Criteria

  1. Proposal quality: clarity, completeness, intellectual or creative significance, realistic time line for completion, and an anticipated outcome that can be shared through participation in the annual Student Research Colloquium.
  2. Faculty mentor recommendation.
  3. Student’s academic record and background.
  4. Application includes a viable plan for meaningful community service.
  5. Project is designed to be professionally responsible and compliant with TU policies, including IRB and other policies administered by the Office of Research & Sponsored Programs.
  6. Applicants requesting summer funding have complied with requirements to participate in the annual Student Research Colloquium and have provided all required progress reports for prior semesters.

Community Service

All TURC students are expected to meaningfully engage in existing programs or initiate original and significant community service projects. The anticipated outcome is enhanced student appreciation for and commitment to public life as well as meaningful contributions to the community at large. Students are encouraged to step outside their comfort zones and to go beyond service projects related to their own churches, fraternities and sororities, or campus groups.

The projects do not have to be related to a student’s research agenda, but many projects do connect research with service in the community. If you would like to discuss potential community service projects, please contact the A&S TURC Director, Kristen Oertel.

Arts & Sciences TURC Admissions Committee

The Arts & Sciences TURC Admissions Committee is chaired by the Director of the A&S TURC Program and includes several faculty members and the University Associate Director of the TURC Program.