Research - Kendall College of Arts and Sciences


Research is the lifeblood of modern universities and a defining element of an institution’s character. New and exciting research opportunities occur across campus and are not necessarily confined to a laboratory or a classroom. From digging for fossils with anthropology to measuring pain receptors in psychology, there is a research project with your name on it.

  • Tulsa Undergraduate Research Challenge (TURC)

    TURC is based on the relationship between a committed undergraduate and a faculty mentor. In some cases, the project involves students working as co-investigators with defined faculty research projects. In other instances, the projects are initiated by students with support from a faculty mentor. Generally, these projects are of significant depth to span two or more semesters, sometimes extending beyond one or two years. Students are encouraged to apply as early as possible. TURC projects are designed as extracurricular and are neither independent study courses nor senior/capstone projects. Learn more.

  • Psychology Research

    Students are encouraged to pursue research in collaboration with faculty to develop their skills and gain experience. In our state of the art laboratories and interdisciplinary institutes, psychology faculty conduct research in a wide variety of areas such as personality influences on workplace accomplishment, personality assessment, treatment and prevention of trauma and its effects, reducing the effects of occupational stress and exploring factors that can influence one’s perception of pain. From undergraduates to doctoral students, there is place for you to not only research but also publish your findings. Learn more.

  • Anthropology & Sociology Research

    Hands on experience is a vital part of your undergraduate education and a unique aspect of TU. In the Department of Anthropology & Sociology, we offer many opportunities for you to begin research in any one of our labs as early as your first semester. The Department of Anthropology & Sociology prides itself on wide-range laboratories, collections and facilities, and collaborations with other labs and facilities across campus. Learn more.


  • Faculty Research

    The Arts and Sciences faculty have published hundreds of books and thousands of articles and are internationally known for their scholarship and creative endeavors. Learn what your professors are studying here.