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Laboratory Culture

Our research team has a strong collaborative approach to research. We view every project as an opportunity for members of all levels (undergraduate, graduate, faculty) to be involved in all aspects of research.

To help students at all levels, our laboratory offers formal and informal mentorship opportunities for students. In formal mentorship capacities, students fall in one of two mentorship lines, each filled with rich history and support. Students can use this “formal” mentorship as a structure to seek guidance from older students, however every student prides themselves in being available for others and contributing to the team! Current lines are helping each other develop manuscripts for publication, with both undergraduate and graduate students working on first authorship papers.

We also spend quality time as a group through team outings! Our laboratory’s “personality” is one of playfulness and curiosity. Students in our laboratory are often exploring cities together, studying, learning new analyses and statistical methods, and creating new adventures. Additionally, our laboratory team plans one “team building” activity every semester as well as an end of the semester party to celebrate and reflect on our accomplishments. Past lab outing activities have consisted of: laser tag, bowling, anatomy coloring pages, picnics at the gathering place, attending the board game bar, brewery outings, painting lab members portraits, apple picking orchards, and many more! Further, when attending conferences our lab loves to explore together! Check out some of the photos below.


Laboratory members in “action”!


At dinner in Cincinnati, OH after a day of attending the United States Association for the Study of Pain 2022 Scientific Meeting!


An outtake from our 2021 PLAN Lab group photos!

At 2019’s Society for Psychophysiological Research, the lab explored the city of Washington DC and enjoyed an outing at a brewery!

Shreela (left; alumni) and Yvette (right; alumni) visited Hawaii for a conference together and went parasailing!

Undergraduates releasing their inner artists as they paint portraits of another lab member! these portraits were selected at random, and each artist has a clear voice. The paintings are currently on display in our research laboratory.An outtake from 2018 Lab photos! Outside of the 2018 APS conference in Disneyland, members of our lab and their partners attended the Disneyland theme parks! Here we are some of the lab members with famous Disney characters!We caught up with alumni members (Kathryn- former undergraduate; Shreela- former undergraduate and graduate student) in Disneyland!
Students (graduate and undergraduate) went bowling and played laser tag as part of our team building in 2017

Our academic genealogy tree includes the pioneer B. F. Skinner, making our laboratory research the academic dependents of this seminal researcher. Our laboratory visited his display of equipment to learn more about our academic history.