It takes CouRage: Exploring courage and rage with the Oklahoma Center for the Humanities

Each year, the University of Tulsa’s Oklahoma Center for the Humanities (OCH) organizes most of its programming around a major theme. These themes are then illuminated throughout the academic year from a variety of historical, artistic and critical angles. In 2020-21, the Center will focus on the theme of CouRage.

The word CouRage spraypainted in red and white letters against a dark grey wallThroughout the year, the OCH will explore the intersections and conflicts between courage and rage in order to better understand how they currently express and shape our sense of identity, humanity and community. The Center has selected two TU faculty research fellows: Zenia Kish, an assistant professor of media studies, and Matthew Drever, an associate professor of Anglican and ecumenical studies.

Both fellows have crafted exciting and innovative programs centering on the OCH’s annual theme. Kish will focus her work on the difficult topic of rage, examining how “different deployments of rage — as a force for collective clarity of purpose and justice, or as a form of obfuscation that reinforces power inequalities — are all around us.” Drever will lead participants in examining courage, asking questions such as “How do we enable people to become courageous and enact positive change? How do we as individuals and communities support and build people to act courageously?”

A group of protesters with their fists raised in the air beneath the word CouRageDue to COVID-19, all programs and seminars will be hosted on YouTube Live until further notice. You can find more information on the OCH’s events by visiting our Facebook page or by subscribing to the Center’s monthly newsletter here. These programs will take place throughout the fall and spring semester, and both the TU community and the wider Tulsa community are welcome to participate.

To learn more about the inspiration behind this years’ theme, visit the OCH website.