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Endings and Beginnings

Spring Summer 2021, Vol. 64, No. 2

Eilis O’Neal: Editor’s Note



Sruthi Narayanan: “A Meal For Violets”

Andrew Gretes: “The Phenomenology of Sex Dolls”

Titus Chalk” “. -..- -.-. …. .- -. –. .”

Michael Nye: “Under Bright Iowa Lights”

Jemimah Wei: “Bleach”


Creative Nonfiction

Katie Culligan “What the X-Ray Sees”

Kirsten L. Parkinson: “The Family Cremains”



Daniel Lusk: “Overture: A Poem before Eden“

Chelsea Wagenaar: “Ensoulment“

Sammy Greenspan: “I am carving a dragon boat to carry you to the other side”

John Moessner: “Memory with Duplicate Keys and Flowers”

Richard K. Kent: “Secret Passage,“ “Blue Shed, Ohio”

Grant Clauser: “Life List”

John A. Nieves: “Linguistics”

Michael T. Lawson: “Death as an Inadequate Metaphor for the Absorbing State of a Markov Chain”

Chelsea Bayouth: “A Woman Who Loved My Uncle”

Jack Stewart: Renoir’s Young Woman Arranging an Earring

Emma Aylor: “False Spring,” “Dislocation”

Mary Ann Hudson: “Wortcunner”

Suzie Eckl: “Gussie Remembers Winter in Circle City,” “Gussie With Her Sisters on the Winter Solstice,”“Gussie Goes to the Diggings I,” “Gussie Goes to the Diggings II”

Magpie Miller: “Plesiosaurus Josephii,” “Type Specimen,” “The Last Time We Quarreled”

Christen Noel Kauffman: “How Gods Are Made,” “Imagine How They Sound”

Carol Guess & Rochelle Hurt: “Nonwife: 2020”

Jane Zwart: “The Conclusions”

David Faldet: “Millennium”

Rebecca Lehmann: “Cabin”

Josh Luckenbach: “After the Quarantine Ends”

Trevor Moffa: “Fried Dough,” “On the Accrual of Vacation Days”

Russell Brakefield: “The Fiberglass Man”

Pam Baggett: “Foundations,” “Above the Bones”

Jesse Wallis: “Last Man Standing”

Adam Chiles: “Clearing out my Father’s Studio”

Ronda Piszk Broatch: “Giving You Away in Pieces”

Mamie Morgan: “Everyone I’ve Danced with is Dead.”

Jasmine Elizabeth Smith” [Jim Imagines He & Charley Patton Pick a Boweavil from Backyard Chicago Crop]”

Rilla Askew: “A Beginning to the End of Silence”

Hari B Khalsa: “Ode (more like a rant) to whatever is going to happen next”

Alex Simões: “trans formas são”/”trans form action”

Anna Lowe Weber: “Another Fish Has Died”

Kira Trainor: “Stones to Sink the Cradle,” “Fragments of a Constellation”

Anne Pierson Wiese: “Dust”

Bethany Schultz Hurst: “Afterlife: Abandoned Mall”

Elinor Ann Walker: “Kaze No Denwa,” “For Emma, Wherever We May Find Her”

Jan Clausen: “Lines Written After Equinox,” “Objective Narration”

River Elizabeth Hall: “Not the Red”

Angela Sucich: “Start at the Beginning”

Dag T. Straumsvåg: “Den Mystiske Vegen””/Mystery Road”

Barry Sternlieb: “’rain suRgery’”

Sarah Carleton: “The Unmooring”

Katie Hartsock: “Trying,”

Sue Ellen Thompson: “London Wedding”

Christine Degenaars:  “Missing My Mother in Jersey, 22 Miles Away”

Kendra L. Vanderlip: “I Go Home to Watch My Father Die While Space Junk Threatens My Home State”

John Leonard: “Raking Sand, Mid-Omen”

Gabriel Spera: “The Endlings, “Hummingbird Nest,” “After Fire and Rain”



Awards 42

Fall/Winter 2020, Vol. 64, No. 1


Mohit Manohar: “This Has Not Been Enough”

Gage Saylor: “Jailbird”

Gracie Newman: “Initial Consultations”

Hayley Lynch: “The Tremendous Machine”

Carol Dines: “Grace’s Mask”

Jean Ferruzola: “Burn Brightly and Rise”

Jessi Phillips: “Anything You Ask Me To”


Rebecca Foust: “Blackout,” “Sit with Me”

Janine Certo: “The Poet Asks, What Prevents You from Loving Yourself?,” “Ode to Pizza,” “My dog is depressed,” “Dear Australia,” “After Hearing from Contacts Quarantined in Italy, You Warn U.S. Family and Friends,” “Home Altar in the Year of a Pandemic”

Shannon Austin: “Dollhood”

Frances Richey: “Skin,” “Bloody Mingo County,” “Inside the Mountain”

James Wyshynski: “Counting Out the Cost,” “Calling the Dead Out,” “Macy’s Book Department,”

Alice Templeton: “Matinee,” “Youth Sermon,” “Elegy for the Horses,” “For the Body,” “To Lost Time”

Marissa Davis: “Demeter & Child”

Emily Van Kley: “Affidavit for Self-Care & Other Questionable Ephemera,” “Spring,” “Bouquet”

Susan Landgraf: “One Day of Juxtapositions”

Lauren Coggins: “Eating Light”

Jehanne Dubrow: “Metamorphoses”

Benjamin Gucciardi: “I Ask My Sister’s Ghost to Write Her Own Elegy,” “Little Accents”

Yvonne Amey: “In Memoriam W. C. on the L Line into Downtown Sydney During the COVID-19 Pandemic,” “Bad Brains, a Woke Mosh Pit, and a D.C. Haiku”

Sean Reynolds: “The Year My Voice Began to Crack,” “The Last Frog in the World”

Bernard Ferguson: “origin story”

Yasmine Ameli: “Naz Kardan,” “I Resurrect Myself with an Eight-Quart Pot”

Karen Kovacik: “Hook and Eye,” “Farsickness”

Amy Miller: “The Church of the Hair Salon,” “Invitation to the Dead”

Darius Simpson: “Yea I Did It,” “Seventy-Two Hours”

Imani Cezanne: “No Crowns Allowed Through TSA”

Oak Morse: “Sashay”

Jubi Arriola-Headley: “Invitation,” “Peacocking,” “Big Apple”

Jessica Pierce: “After reading Hemingway and Kafka while alone in my Kolkata apartment, I pour another glass of Blue Riband gin,” “And still,” “We all have our work to do,” “Especially When I’m Afraid”

A.D. Lauren-Abunassar: “Victim Impact Statement,” “Poem that starts with the sound of Andy Warhol eating a cheeseburger,” “Monologue or Party Trick,” “Dream in Which My Body Is a Snowstorm”

Caroline M. Mar: “Certainty,” “Burials,” “Tragedy,” “Mythology”

Theresa Q. Tran: “Shuck,” “First Fruit,” “Mercy”

Amie Whittemore: “Self-Portrait as Smartphone,” “Self-Portrait as Snow Day,” “Self-Portrait as Most Glorious”

John Walser: “Give yourself over to the trees, to the sun”

Jeanne Wagner: “Backyard Birds,” “Speaking in Tongues,” “Eschatology”

Kathleen Michael: “Cowbird”

John Blair: “Seeking Dr. Einstein,” “In the Tin Factory,” “On the Perseid Meteor Shower as a Metaphor for Joy”

Wendy Scott: “A Carpet of Lights”

W.J. Herbert: “The Latin Lesson”

Anthony Immergluck: “Matryoshka”

Chuck Carlise: “This Is Mathematics,” “Solana”

Youssef Helmi: “Scarf,” “poem w/ kept promises”

Marsha Truman Cooper: “The Rapture of Bees”

Gail Newman: “Two Men Talking”

Jana-Lee Germaine: “Learning Curve”

Diane Beck: “History of Winter”

Tyler Dunston: “8 lines in the Grace Church garden,” “Boeotian Variations”

Richard Michelson: “A Horse-Cure,” “Life Sentence,” “What My Mother Remembers—Memorial Day,” “I Create as I Speak,” “What My Mother Remembers—New Year’s Day,” “My dying is not tragic,” “Lucky,” “Unveiling”

Words on Play

Spring/Summer 2020, Vol. 63. No. 2


Gauraa Shekhar: “Other Significant Others: A Glossary”

Sean Bernard: “I Want My M.F.A.”

Jackson Ingram: “The Marmee Dress”

Alison Ho: “Ars Poetica”

Creative Nonfiction

JJ Peña: “the truth behind killing monsters”


James Toupin: “The Discovery of Play”

Mary Kovaleski Byrnes: “My Kids in Church,” “Diptych with Daughter/Mermaid”

Joanna Gordon: “Fish-Girl Fragments,” “If Fish-Girls Could Dance,” “Halve the Fish—Save the Woman”

Edwina Trentham: “My mother rebukes me from the turquoise depths”

Michelle Penn: “The surfers,” “a history of paper clips in Paris,” “Self-Portrait in Multiple Universes”

Wendy Drexler: “The Bay, Shimmering the Whole Way Out”

Amelia L. Williams: “The Catch”

Holly Painter: “Cryptic Crossword L,” “Cryptic Crossword LVI”

Gabriel Spera: “WORD SEARCH: Chemotherapy”

James Davis: “As,” “Ex”

Amy Miller: “After the Concert,” “What We Laugh At”

Markham Johnson: “At the Track, Waiting for Jesus,” “Longhorns”

Matthew J. Spireng: “The Perfect Game”

George Looney: “Music Retrieved,” “On the Eaves of the House Next Door”

Patrick Kindig: “what they don’t tell you about dido & aeneas,” “enchant, v.,” “title poem”

Ann Keniston: “Self-Portrait as Off Rhyme”

John Harris: “On Nick Cave’s ‘Soundsuits’”

Ellen Kombiyil: “The Last Joyride”

Alice Duggan: “The Trouble with Cars,” “I Visit Lois at the Nursing Home”

Ioanna Carlsen: “On the Miniature Pumpkins You Hid Through the House”

Margot Kahn: “Skiing up Cold Creek”

Geri Radacsi: “In Times of Abandonment”

Myra Shapiro: “Dearth,” “The Letter d”

Judith Pacht: “Babel”

Cindy Veach: “At the Austerlitz, New York, Blueberry Festival I Buy a Trifold Mirror”

Lynn Domina: “Water Music, 7-17-1717”

Katy Day: “The Death of a Star,” “Snow Angels,” “Variations on Independence”

Marjorie Maddox: “Play Therapy,” “Taboo”

Dorsey Craft: “The Pirate Anne Bonny and I Play Video Games,” “The Pirate Anne Bonny and I Plunder the Cruise Ship,” “Heaven”

Joanna Currey: “Easter Even,” “Somerset Olde Creek Pool & Rec. Center”

Tara Mesalik MacMahon: “In the Old Neighborhood”

Janet Jennings: “Riding with Ken,” “Calling the Colors,” “Names Are a Difficult Matter”

Brooke Sahni: “What My Mother Knows,” “The Golden Reserve”

Heidi Seaborn: “On the Occasion of an Outfielder’s Wedding”

Daniel Becker: “The Incomplete Sentence of Baseball”

Clemonce Heard: “The Gospel of Wheelie,” “Washington Parish Free Fair”

Madeline Grigg: “Burned House Horizon,” “Shape Shifter,” “The Goddess Hel Sits on Her Front Porch,” “Ephemeris”

Ella Flores: “Pyrocumulus,” “Indo-Australian Tectonic Plate Decides It’s Not Working Out, Breaks Up,” “South American Plate Plays on Words,” “Nubian Tectonic Plate Finds Animatronic Fortuneteller, Inserts Coin,” “Invented Language / Sextina”

Alice Templeton: “Nostalgia,” “Trellis”

Laura Glenn: “Holiday Parties”

Jean-Mark Sens: “Croquet”

Anita Sullivan: “Preposition”

Barbara Schwartz: “The Empress,” “Counting Blessings”

Devon Miller-Duggan: “For Mercy”

Cindy Juyoung Ok: “Pale Music”

Marisa P. Clark: “Yet Another Love Poem in Which I Anthromorphize”

Liz Ahl: “Home Game,” “Amnesia at the Cash Tables”

Sarah Ebba Hansen: “A Year After the Breakup,” “The Part I’ll Never Do Again,” “An Elegy in April,” “Moss Hollow”

Nicholas Yingling: “The Limits of Magic”

Max Heinegg: “Blueberrying”

Awards 41

Fall/Winter 2019, Vol. 63. No. 1

Eilis O’Neal: Editor’s Note


Jonathan Wei, “Capybara”

John Tait, “This Might Hurt Some”

Kathleen McNamara, “Pyrosome”

Andrew Mangan, “The Pioneer Spirit”

Elsa Nekola, “Meat Raffle”

Elinam Agbo, “Schools of Longing”


Robert Thomas: “Negligee and Hatchet: A Sonnet Crown”

Matt Miller: “The Adorned Fathomless Dark Creation,” “Getting Out,” “Boys Beyond June,” “Legend”

Hannah Dow: “Realizations While Staying in Other People’s Apartments,” “My Mother Tries to Teach Me How to Pray,” “Bildungsroman,” “The Seafloor of Your Heart Sings Against It”

Tori Sharpe: “The Move,” “The Stray”

Kathryn Haemmerle: “Aubade Ending with a View of a River,” “Extraction”

Olivia Yang: “the backyard is where all the grief resides beneath the sun”

Anne McDonnell: “Ash and Metal”

Amanda Gomez: “Autopsy of My Mother”

Michele Randall: “Tea Hot Tea Iced,” “Exigent”

George Looney: “A Falling Piano is a Classic”

Pam Bernard: “Turtle,” “Iphigenia”

Mary Rummel: “Illuminator Dreams”

Stephen Gibson: “On Georgia O’Keefe’s Cow’s Skull with Calico Roses”

Lisa Compo: “Elegy Prelude”

W.J Herbert: “Northern Cardinal,” “The Double Drowning”

Roy Bentley: “The Fighting Lady,” “Bathtub Beach Reef”

Lauren Coggins: “Precedent,” “Speaking with a Friend”

Janine Certo: “Diagram of the Four Chambers of the Heart”

Adam Penna: “The Love Poems That Are Now”

Peter H. Michaels: “Our First Love”

Jeremy Voigt: “Lunar Eclipse”

Christina Hutchins: “Sleeping with the Melvini Sisters,” “The Lover & The Whale”

Pianta: “Uchinanchu,” “Mother,” “Father Figure”

Catherine Hodges: “Late Afternoon Meditation on an Open Egg Carton”

Laura Apol: “But Winter,” “The Cruelest Month,” “Sowing with Salt,” “Memoir”

Faith Shearin: “Mittens,” “Math,” “Extinct Language”

Joel Peckham: “The Locomotive of the Lord”

James Toupin: “Bird Lives”

Eleanor Berry: “Not Burning the Christmas Greens,” “Like Breathing”

Ösel Jessica Plante: “When the Mississippi Speaks with Its Wet, Pretty Mouth” “The Navy Wife Tries on Her Body,” “Pistol of Bones,” “She & Wolf”

Alysse McCanna: “The Salesman,” “Land Run Haibun”

C.C. Reid: “Indelible”

Sara Wagner: “Captivity Narrative”

A.D. Lauren Abunassar: “Cryptid Poem: “Medium,” “Eavesdropping,” “Autobiography as a Headless Girl”

Gail Newman: “Blood Memory”

Catherine Freeling: “The Glove”

Matthew Gellman: “Not Music,” “Cloudburst,” “Pear Tree, with Thunder”

Ae Hee Lee: “Inside a Mogyoktang in Chicago,” “Fable”

Jo Pitkin: “Village: Bag of Babkas”

Karen Harryman: “Southern Funeral with Hairbrush”

Kristene Kaye Brown: “Taking the Metro Home After the Wake”


Voices of the Middle East and North Africa

Spring/Summer 2019, Vol. 62. No. 2

Voices of the Middle East and North Africa Cover (Art by Mahmood Sabzi)


Eilis O’Neal and Somayeh Shams: Editors’ Note

Fiction: Voices of the Middle East and North Africa

Uzma Aslam Khan: “My Mother is a Lunar Crater”

Peyman Esmaeili: “Waterworld”

Lauren Alwan: “The Levantines”

Nahid Rachlin: “Teheran Beggar”

Poetry: Voices of the Middle East and North Africa

Myronn Hardy: “Performance Day in the Vaulted Theater,” Blue over Bicycles”

Nashwa Gowanlock: “The Story of Ka”

Aiya Sakr: “In Which Huginn Has Fathered Children,” “Broken Ghazal: Seven Hijabis,” “Questions for my Jinn Counterpart”

Sara Elkamel: “Ways of Entering,” “Welcome to the Night, in Which We Are Hidden”

Dujie Tahat: “salat in a dream with Jida’s ghost on the night of Korryn Gaines’ killing,” “salat in the name of the father”

Makram Ayache: “These Old Jackets and Crowns”

Israel Eliraz: “Untitled”

Lori Levy: “Check-Up in Beer Sheva,” “Nursing Home Lies”

Nicholas Samaras: “Alatsata, I Bring You My Mother,” “Immigrant by Repetition”

Threa Almontaser: “When I Was Nine I Lived,” “Mining Cave in Dhamar,” “Yemen Storm,” “Yemen Plated with Divine Origami”

Eli Eliahu: “Ballistics,” “Genesis”

Jameel al-Jameel: “Paleness of Time”

Nineb Lamassu: “28/04/6767”

Bijan Najdi: “Happiness”

Adele Ne Jame: “The SS France and the Ruthless Furnace of This World”

Mariam Gomaa: “Qahwa”

Jessica Abughattas: “She Cannot Bear to Hear His Name”

Nada Faris: “All Knowledge is Permissible,” “Parachutes”

Darius Atefat-Peckham: “An Explosion of Feathers”

Mohja Kahf: “Spaciousness (al-Inshirah)”

Salim Barakat: “Fog Composed Like a Gentleman”

Alaz Ada: “The Tulip Age,” “The Hunger Thief”

Majda Gama: “Tala (Ode to the Girl Palm),” “Passing Twenty-One Palms”

Rachel Neve-Midbar: “Fourth Eden,” “Fajr”

Joshua Sassoon Orol: “Daughter of Egypt,” “Diaspora Prayer”

Hedy Habra: “Though It Still Appears to Be a Dream”

Maya Wahrman: “My Grandfather Said I Spoke Spanish Like Cervantes”

Ibtisam Barakat: “Rhythm”

Nurit Zarchi: “[UNTITLED]”

Fiction: General Submissions/Francine Ringold Awards

Skye Anicca: “Places I’ve Never Been”

Doug Ramspeck: “Summer”

Desiree Evans: “Whirligig”

Poetry: General Submissions/Francine Ringold Awards

Danielle Gosselin: “protector pulse”

Sarah Elrich: “All Maps Are Moving”

Caleb Nolen: “Yellow Jacket,” “Night Drives on the PA-26”

James Crews: “Telling My Mother”

Christopher Costabile: “Old Smoke”

Erin L. McCoy: “Notice of an Ice-Carried Boulder at Borgholm,” “Memoir of the Late John Wolley by Alfred Newton”

Reyna Clancy: “Miss July ‘85”

Cynthia Amoah: “for my grandmother, when words fail”

Lauren Saxon: “Tomorrow,” “Ghost Boys”

Katherine Stingley: “A Daughter Goes to Work”

Roy Mash: “At the Wedding the DJ Puts on an Oldie”

Neva Herrington: “Dining with Marjorie”

Susan Friberg: “Safe Passage,” “Sleeping Birds,” “Ghosts”


Awards 40

Fall/Winter 2018, Vol. 62. No. 1

Editor’s Note


Sharon Solwitz: “Tremblement”

Ellen Rhudy: “Would You Know Me”

Ellen Furman: “Things”

Liz Ziemska: “Hunt Relic”

Amy Shearn: “Some Fun”

Mimi Lok: “Last of Her Name”


Emma DePanise: “Dry Season,” “My Mother Can’t Say the Word,” “Your Fear of Everything Is Not . . .,” “Did Anna Bertha Ludwig Ask to . . .,” “Late, January,” “Sustenance”

Megan Merchant: “Marrow,” “A thousand words is worth a picture,” “Eurydice,” “Pulp,” “Unfurling”

Susan Nguyen: “Beast Angel,” “If I Say My Body is Grieving”

Namrata Verghese: “Kathakali”

Adela Najarro: “Chantico Swings”

Darrel Alejandro Holnes: “The land is made a stepmother,” “20 de Diciembre, 1989: When the . . .” “For My Mother, The Black . . .”

Mark Smith-Soto: “Let It Spill”

Cornelia Veenendaal: “Rehearsal”

Susan Landgraf: “What’s Left”

Mel Elberger: “Recipe”

Caroline Berblinger: “Interviewing My Grandfather,” “For Taylor,” “April Again”

Elizabeth Rees : “Elegy for Good Health,” “Our Newborns Down the Hall . . .,” “No Other Name for Mother,” “Complicit”

Michael Warr: “What Not To Do . . . (an unfinished poem after Michael Harriot at The Root)

Emily Harman : “Cairn”

Josephine Yu: “Women Grieving,” “Dog with Cataracts,” “The Day After We Killed the Dog,” “Persona Non Grata”

Kate Gaskin: “Shark Week During the Apocalypse”

Jeanne Wagner: “Dogs That Look Like Wolves,” “Scald,” “Why I’m Often Suspected of Shoplifting”

Christie Towers: “Sugar Water in Winter”

Chrissy Kolaya: “The House Sitters”

Brian Czyzyk: “Baba Yaga’s Antidote for Aimlessness,” “Presque Isle,”

Don Colburn: “Ginkgo on 19th,” “Poem in December”

Don Hogle: “Mother”

Katherine Gaffney: “With Ghost”

John Walser: “Heaven,” “Vincent Street April”

Rebecca Foust: “Spring Is”

W.J. Herbert: “The Smell of Almost Rain”

S. B. Merrow: “Craving”

Benjamin Garcia: “Gay Epithalamium”

Matty Layne Glasgow : “Plumage,” “Ash Mama,” “bitter-berry”

J. Bailey Hutchinson: “Became My Body, Too”

Melanie Figg: “Psyche’s History of Houses”

Freesia McKee: “Peeling an Orange”

Caroline Earleywine: “Lipstick,” “What if our love wasn’t”

Ayokunle Falomo: “The World’s Loudest Sound”

Ryan Meyer: “Estuary,” “from Forgetting Guidelines”

Matthew MacFarland: “Singing Saw,” “Hic abundant lupi”

Roger Camp: “Ascension”

Kelly Michels: “What I mean when I say he went . . .”

Luke J. Johnson: “Song of the Stillborn”

Arne Weingart : “The Painting of the Barn without the . . .”

Lee Sharkey: “To Look Out Is to See; to Look In, to . . .”

Anna Scotti: “When I could still be seen,” “Five Children and It,” “Feathers of Gold”