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Forthcoming Issues

Spring/Summer 2023: Body LanguageOur annual thematic issue, featuring work that explores the body in all its forms, as well as the winners and finalists of the Francine Ringold Awards for New Writers.

We live inside our bodies. They are a vital part of how we experience the world, the source of some of our greatest pleasure and greatest pain. They are constantly changing, sometimes in ways that bring us joy and sometimes in ways that we find distressing. We use our bodies as a way—quite literally—to reach out to others. They are what other people observe of us, and they can become canvases that show our identities, moods, and beliefs, but we can also feel trapped inside them. They both represent and misrepresent who and what we think we are.

In this issue, we want to explore any and all ideas about the body. Indeed, we may say “the body” in our suggestions below, but we especially wish to acknowledge and embrace that there is no one body, that our bodies, the way we use them and the way they feel, span an astonishing range of experience. Each of us lives in and as a particular body, and each of our bodies has its own stories to tell.

Body Language will be published in spring 2023.

Fall/Winter 2023: Awards 45Our annual Awards issue, featuring the winners and finalists of the 45th annual Nimrod Literary Awards: The Katherine Anne Porter Prize for Fiction and the Pablo Neruda Prize for Poetry.

Awards 45 will be published in fall 2023.