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Forthcoming Issues

Spring/Summer 2021: Endings and BeginningsOur annual thematic issue, featuring work that explores endings and beginnings, as well as the winners and finalists of the Francine Ringold Awards for New Writers.

Endings and beginnings have power—both in a narrative sense and in our day-to-day lives. We mark the beginnings and endings of everything: stages of life, the last lines of poems, our first kisses. Sometimes they offer stark definition, a clear demarcation of thenand now. Sometimes—often, in fact—they are connected, with an ending also signaling a beginning or vice versa. And beginnings and endings come in all shapes and sizes, occurring in the most important aspects of our lives, such as birth, death, and marriage, and also in the smaller moments, such as the first bud of spring or the last song on an album. In this issue, we’ll delve into any and all aspects of beginnings and endings and explore the excitement, disappointment, pain, and joy they bring with them.

Words on Play will be published in spring 2021.

Fall/Winter 2021: Awards 43Our annual Awards issue, featuring the winners and finalists of the 43rd annual Nimrod Literary Awards: The Katherine Anne Porter Prize for Fiction and the Pablo Neruda Prize for Poetry.

Awards 43 will be published in October 2021.