Current Issue - Kendall College of Arts and Sciences

Current Issue

Awards 45
Fall/Winter 2023
Vol 67, No. 1

Editor’s Note: Eilis O’Neal


Carol Dines: “On Ice”

Dashka Slater: “The Ruddy Fruits That Still Remain”

Kyoko Uchida: “Skin”

Nahal Suzanne Jamir: “There Is No Act Five Monologue”

Alex McWalters: “Jimmy-Jim-James”

Miriam Ho Nga Wai: “Miss Ng Misadventures”

Benjamin Van Voorhis: “Chernobyl Dogs”


Jeevan Anthony Narney: “An Adoptee Abecedarian,” “I Could Have Been a Teaboy in Bangalore,” “Family Studies,” “Family Reunion,” “Taking a Break from Being a Hypochondriac”

Diana Cao: “Sick Days: Sonnet Corona”

Ellen Zhang: “Tentative”

Fay Dillof: “The Art of”

Katherine Gaffney: “Hunger Winter,” “Onion,” “On Learning that the Ford Motor Company Asked Mariannr Moore to Name a New Vehicle”

Dante Di Stefano: “While I was Talking to My Friends the Poets”

Kristin Davis: “The Other End of Poetry,” “Bitterroot,” “IV. Margin Notes,” “In My Willowbrook Dreams,” “Fish Ladder at Damariscotta”

Amanda Maret Scharf: “First Language,” “Family Album,” “Queens”

Jackie Chicalese: “Ghost Walk”

Elina Katrin: “Base of Fire,” “November as Still Life”

Rosa Castellano: “Survival is Plural,” “A Girl the Color of a House on Fire Is Stuck Where It’s Always Necks Out”

Hannah V Warren: “A poem in which I can’t find a suitable metaphor”

Liz Harms: “Inquest on Carolina Petrovitis, Case No. 234-3-1916”

Laura Apol: “Honor”

Juniper Bea Gilbert: “The Pieta”

Allison Field Bell: “What Could Belong to Us,” “Paros”

Gordon Taylor: “Replicant”

Callista Buchen: “Loon or Cormorant,” “Plane Sewing, Wright Company Factory, 1911”

David Moolten: “Dam,” “Practical Nightmare”

Tamara Panici: “Poem in Two Tongues,” “The Dead, in a Field in our Country, The Dead”

Melanie Tafejian: “Blockade,” “Volunteers Visit the Artsakh Border,” “Water,” “Phantom Babies,” “Walnut Jam”

Andrew Payton: “Lancehead & Opossum,” “Surveying,” “The Rider’s Coda,” “To Be by Oath Enjoined to This”

John Blair: “Aphorism 15: A Picture Is Worth a Thousand Words,” “Aphorism 65: A Greedy Father Has Thieves for Children,” “Aphorism 58: The Truth Is a Burden That Few Care to Carry,” “Aphorism 33: All Things Come to Those Who Wait”

Susan Cohen: “Disguised as Air”

Beth Oast Williams: “Sagittarius puts down his bow”

Samuel Ugbechie: “Something like home”

Susan Nisenbaum Becker: “Hard,” “Then,” “Map,” “Thursday,”

Rewa Zeinati: “I should be writing instead of watching endless episodes of Arabic series on Shahid”

Rasaq Malik: “Hunger,” “Maiduguri”

Kyoko Uchida: “Concertina,” “Salah Eddin Street,” “Repair”

Pamela Wax: “Monsterworter I Know, Though I May Never Visit Germany”

Quinton Okoro: “two children pray while kneeling behind a lemon tree in their father’s backyard. their fingers are still sticky”

Bailey Blumenstock: “Migraine”

Mary B. Moore: “The Wasp’s Song”

Lex Orgera: “Taking into Account the Gods”

Mickey Kennedy: “Painted Lady,” “Rewiring the Chandelier,” “Barnfall,” “The Gamble, 1992,” “Rods and Cones”

Laura Isabele Amsel: “Singing Goats of Dauphin Island”

Cynthia Marie Hoffman: “Shells”