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Current Issue

Awards 43

Fall/Winter 2021, Vol. 65, No. 1

Cover of Nimrod Journal's Awards 43



Editor’s Note: Eilis O’Neal



Celine Aenlle-Rocha: “White Black People”

Paula Closson Buck: “The Inventories”

Rachel Reeher: “God Is in Your Body”

Jennifer Blackman: “Wife of; or, What Does It Mean to Be Haunted?”

Rachel Furey: “A Dolphin in Pain”

Teresa Milbrodt: “The Southern Part of the State”

Edvin Subašić: “Thug”



Emily Rose Cole: “Unblues #2,” “The Miss Sally Sonnets,” “In the midst of the outbreak, I think of my mother,” “In the midst of the outbreak, I develop a burial plan,” “Spell for Patience”

Julie Marie Wade: “/NOW/”

Francesca Bell: “Some Were Weary with Their Edges Worn Out,” “Quarry,” “Like a Friend,” “Learning to Love the World that Is”

Angela Sucich: “Match Game,” “Oracle,” “Everything I Love I Want to Consume,” “The Snow Child”

Kate Kingston: “Whiteout,” “Ordinary Day,” “After My Brother’s Memorial”

Corrinne Clegg Hales: “Silent Stroke”

Sunu P. Chandy: “Practice raking leaves or sweeping to remind oneself of the feeling of engaging in work that knows no end”

Adrie Rose: “I will make a study—again—,” “Separation,” “Swaddle,” “Every Villain Is the Hero of Their Own Story”

Sandra Fees: “On the Consolatory Pleasure of Jigsaws”

Jessica Pierce: “Some comfort,” “Finding my copy of The Children’s Book of Saints,” “To donate: to make a gift of,” “Talking about Buddhism with teenagers”

Carolyn Oliver : “In Another Life, You Live,” Eve and Bridget Bishop Whisper on Gallows Hill,” “Night Ocean”

Rachel Edelman: “No matter, my treads are lined with Kevlar”

Zack Lesmeister: “On the Lineage of Survival; a Series of Exit Strategies,” “Birds of Prey”

Liz Marlow: “The Last Rosh Hashanah in Treblinka,” “Thunderstorm”

Mara Adamitz Scrupe: “an episode in archaeology/ a scar,” “Field work/ Cass County 1938,” “Jump”

Kathleen Holliday:  “In a Monastery Garden”

William Snyder: “Mas at Saintes Maries de la Mer”

Richard Robbins: “The Oratory of All Souls”

Apol: “Vanishing Point,” “Stigmata,” “Gift,” “Spectral”

Connor Yeck: “Hold for Release till End of the World Confirmed,” “The Walk-Back”

Christina Hutchins: “Thwaites Glacier,” “String Theory,” “All We Could Do Was Laugh”

Sally Lipton Derringer: “Target”

Amy Miller: “Doing Laundry for a Friend,” “First Masks,” “Linda Vista”

Caroline Earleywine: “When I Think of Parenthood,” “Bible Belt Gay,” “Ode to my Wife’s Gender,” “Broken Ghazal”

Gail Rudd Entrekin: “Wind,” “The Current that Language Makes Visible”

Cynthia White: “Ode to the Wandering Womb,” “Tongue”

Dan Albergotti: “Tongue & Torque,” “Inscription in the Wake”

Siew David Hii: “help—my brother is a fascist”

Anthony Thomas Lombardi: “Ruinenlust”

John McCarthy: “The Little Egypt Dive Bar Elegy”

Harley Anastasia Chapman: “When I Say My Father Is Homeless, I Mean,” “In the Nightmare,” “The Shape of Animal”

Kyoko Uchida: “And Love,” “Quarantine,” “Detour,” “Winter”

John Blair: “Eclogue 18: The House that’s Not the End of the World,” “Eclogue 5: Beautiful Words Are Not the Truth”