Current Issue - Kendall College of Arts and Sciences

Current Issue

Endings and Beginnings

Spring Summer 2021, Vol. 64, No. 2

Eilis O’Neal: Editor’s Note



Sruthi Narayanan: “A Meal For Violets”

Andrew Gretes: “The Phenomenology of Sex Dolls”

Titus Chalk” “. -..- -.-. …. .- -. –. .”

Michael Nye: “Under Bright Iowa Lights”

Jemimah Wei: “Bleach”


Creative Nonfiction

Katie Culligan “What the X-Ray Sees”

Kirsten L. Parkinson: “The Family Cremains”



Daniel Lusk: “Overture: A Poem before Eden“

Chelsea Wagenaar: “Ensoulment“

Sammy Greenspan: “I am carving a dragon boat to carry you to the other side”

John Moessner: “Memory with Duplicate Keys and Flowers”

Richard K. Kent: “Secret Passage,“ “Blue Shed, Ohio”

Grant Clauser: “Life List”

John A. Nieves: “Linguistics”

Michael T. Lawson: “Death as an Inadequate Metaphor for the Absorbing State of a Markov Chain”

Chelsea Bayouth: “A Woman Who Loved My Uncle”

Jack Stewart: Renoir’s Young Woman Arranging an Earring

Emma Aylor: “False Spring,” “Dislocation”

Mary Ann Hudson: “Wortcunner”

Suzie Eckl: “Gussie Remembers Winter in Circle City,” “Gussie With Her Sisters on the Winter Solstice,”“Gussie Goes to the Diggings I,” “Gussie Goes to the Diggings II”

Magpie Miller: “Plesiosaurus Josephii,” “Type Specimen,” “The Last Time We Quarreled”

Christen Noel Kauffman: “How Gods Are Made,” “Imagine How They Sound”

Carol Guess & Rochelle Hurt: “Nonwife: 2020”

Jane Zwart: “The Conclusions”

David Faldet: “Millennium”

Rebecca Lehmann: “Cabin”

Josh Luckenbach: “After the Quarantine Ends”

Trevor Moffa: “Fried Dough,” “On the Accrual of Vacation Days”

Russell Brakefield: “The Fiberglass Man”

Pam Baggett: “Foundations,” “Above the Bones”

Jesse Wallis: “Last Man Standing”

Adam Chiles: “Clearing out my Father’s Studio”

Ronda Piszk Broatch: “Giving You Away in Pieces”

Mamie Morgan: “Everyone I’ve Danced with is Dead.”

Jasmine Elizabeth Smith” [Jim Imagines He & Charley Patton Pick a Boweavil from Backyard Chicago Crop]”

Rilla Askew: “A Beginning to the End of Silence”

Hari B Khalsa: “Ode (more like a rant) to whatever is going to happen next”

Alex Simões: “trans formas são”/”trans form action”

Anna Lowe Weber: “Another Fish Has Died”

Kira Trainor: “Stones to Sink the Cradle,” “Fragments of a Constellation”

Anne Pierson Wiese: “Dust”

Bethany Schultz Hurst: “Afterlife: Abandoned Mall”

Elinor Ann Walker: “Kaze No Denwa,” “For Emma, Wherever We May Find Her”

Jan Clausen: “Lines Written After Equinox,” “Objective Narration”

River Elizabeth Hall: “Not the Red”

Angela Sucich: “Start at the Beginning”

Dag T. Straumsvåg: “Den Mystiske Vegen””/Mystery Road”

Barry Sternlieb: “’rain suRgery’”

Sarah Carleton: “The Unmooring”

Katie Hartsock: “Trying,”

Sue Ellen Thompson: “London Wedding”

Christine Degenaars:  “Missing My Mother in Jersey, 22 Miles Away”

Kendra L. Vanderlip: “I Go Home to Watch My Father Die While Space Junk Threatens My Home State”

John Leonard: “Raking Sand, Mid-Omen”

Gabriel Spera: “The Endlings, “Hummingbird Nest,” “After Fire and Rain”