Current Issue - Kendall College of Arts and Sciences

Current Issue

Awards 44

Fall/Winter 2022, Vol. 66, No. 1



Treena Thibodeau: “My Mother Says This House is Haunted”

Ellen Rhudy: “You Women in the Mountains”

Marguerite Alley: “Water Diviners”

James Janko: “The Wire-Walker”


Lory Bedikian: “Ode to Their Leaving,” “Meditation on Fractured Vertebrae,” “If only he had written his refugee song,” “Theorizing Vahan’s Departure”

Angela Kirby: “Pareidolia 175”

Julia McDaniel: “A Charted Territory”

Kelly Grace Thomas: “Female Lobsters Grow More Fertile With Age”

Jessica Pierce: “I want to speak all of the springtime”

Susan Landgraf: “Bindweed”

Teresa Scollon: “Asthma Attack,” “Geopolitics, Stateside,” “Meanwhile,” “Stolen Code”

Donte Collins: “Ombrophobia”

Janee J. Baugher: “Andrew Wyeth’s Footnotes to Self-Portrait, 1938,” “Andrew Wyeth’s Footnotes to Mill Buildings, 1959,” “Andrew Wyeth’s Footnotes to Frosted Apples, 1967,” “Andrew Wyeth’s Footnotes to Airborne, 1996

Wen Lim: “2006, The Year Mom Learnt to Bake Jim Lahey’s No-Knead Bread”

Greg Nicholl: “Sage,” “Charnel House,” “Gross Anatomy,” “Selective Hearing”

Susan Rich: “The Blind Ones”

Joanna Currey: “Coming Out Vigil,” “Ordinary Grief,” “April Begins with Judas”

Johnathan Fink: “Leonardo’s Mistake”

Lauren Coggins: “Reminders”

Amelia L. Williams: “Beautiful Death,” “DIY Repairs”

A.D. Lauren-Abunassar: “Supplies for a Quick Migration,” “The Visitors,” “On Counting the Days”

Hannah Whiteman: “The Law of the Conservation of Energy Says Not a Bit of You is Gone”

Andrew Hemmert: “To Live on Mars,” “Like the Points of Compass Needles”

Anna Scotti: “Kanawha Street”

Catherine Stearns: “Desiderium,” “Winter,” “Shagbark”

Mara Lee Grayson: “May We All Emerge One Day as Butterflies in Poems”

Emily Kingery: “On Virtue,” “An Apology,” “Mistrust,” “Snapdragons”

Melody Wilson: “Tightrope”

Darius Simpson: “Lessons Learned on a Slow Drive East”

M. Soledad Caballero: “The Mirage”

Justin Hunt: “At the Missouri Pacific Depot, Where, in 1931, You Holed up for Three Days and Drank”

Laura Apol: “Twins,” “Opening the Field,” “Afterlife,” “Is Touch”

Anna Claire Hodge: “Sephora During the Cancer Scare”

Jana-Lee Germaine: “Distance”

Ivy Raff: “You Learned to Wait”

Anne Casey: “Season of Samhain”

Rosa Lane: “Dear Master”

Leah Claire Kaminski: “To the mother in Corsica who in April 2000 made me call my mother on the pay phone”

Kyoko Uchida: “Hiroshima, 7:21 A.M. ,” “Hanoi,” “In Visibility,” “If You”