Current Issue

Awards 41

Fall/Winter 2019, Vol. 63. No. 1

Eilis O’Neal: Editor’s Note


Jonathan Wei, “Capybara”

Tait, “This Might Hurt Some”

Kathleen McNamara, “Pyrosome”

Andrew Mangan, “The Pioneer Spirit”

Elsa Nekola, “Meat Raffle”

Elinam Agbo, “Schools of Longing”


Robert Thomas: “Negligee and Hatchet: A Sonnet Crown”

Matt Miller: “The Adorned Fathomless Dark Creation,” “Getting Out,” “Boys Beyond June,” “Legend”

Hannah Dow: “Realizations While Staying in Other People’s Apartments,” “My Mother Tries to Teach Me How to Pray,” “Bildungsroman,” “The Seafloor of Your Heart Sings Against It”

Tori Sharpe: “The Move,” “The Stray”

Kathryn Haemmerle: “Aubade Ending with a View of a River,” “Extraction”

Olivia Yang: “the backyard is where all the grief resides beneath the sun”

Anne McDonnell: “Ash and Metal”

Gomez: “Autopsy of My Mother”

Michele Randall: “Tea Hot Tea Iced,” “Exigent”

George Looney: “A Falling Piano is a Classic”

Pam Bernard: “Turtle,” “Iphigenia”

Mary Rummel: “Illuminator Dreams”

Stephen Gibson: “On Georgia O’Keefe’s Cow’s Skull with Calico Roses”

Lisa Compo: “Elegy Prelude”

W.J Herbert: “Northern Cardinal,” “The Double Drowning”

Roy Bentley: “The Fighting Lady,” “Bathtub Beach Reef”

Lauren Coggins: “Precedent,” “Speaking with a Friend”

Janine Certo: “Diagram of the Four Chambers of the Heart”

Adam Penna: “The Love Poems That Are Now”

Peter H. Michaels: “Our First Love”

Jeremy Voigt: “Lunar Eclipse”

Christina Hutchins: “Sleeping with the Melvini Sisters,” “The Lover & The Whale”

Pianta: “Uchinanchu,” “Mother,” “Father Figure”

Catherine Hodges: “Late Afternoon Meditation on an Open Egg Carton”

Laura Apol: “But Winter,” “The Cruelest Month,” “Sowing with Salt,” “Memoir”

Faith Shearin: “Mittens,” “Math,” “Extinct Language”

Joel Peckham: “The Locomotive of the Lord”

James Toupin: “Bird Lives”

Eleanor Berry: “Not Burning the Christmas Greens,” “Like Breathing”

Osel Plante: “When the Mississippi Speaks with Its Wet, Pretty Mouth” “The Navy Wife Tries on Her Body,” “Pistol of Bones,” “She & Wolf”

Alysse McCanna: “The Salesman,” “Land Run Haibun”

C.C. Reid: “Indelible”

Sara Wagner: “Captivity Narrative”

Lauren Abunassar: “Cryptid Poem: “Medium,” “Eavesdropping,” “Autobiography as a Headless Girl”

Gail Newman: “Blood Memory”

Catherine Freeling: “The Glove”

Matthew Gellman: “Not Music,” “Cloudburst,” “Pear Tree, with Thunder”

Ae Hee Lee: “Inside a Mogyoktang in Chicago,” “Fable”

Jo Pitkin: “Village: Bag of Babkas”

Karen Harryman: “Southern Funeral with Hairbrush”

Kristene Kaye Brown: “Taking the Metro Home After the Wake”

Voices of the Middle East and North Africa

Spring/Summer 2019, Vol. 62. No. 2

Voices of the Middle East and North Africa Cover (Art by Mahmood Sabzi)


Eilis O’Neal and Somayeh Shams: Editors’ Note

Fiction: Voices of the Middle East and North Africa

Uzma Aslam Khan: “My Mother is a Lunar Crater”

Peyman Esmaeili: “Waterworld”

Lauren Alwan: “The Levantines”

Nahid Rachlin: “Teheran Beggar”

Poetry: Voices of the Middle East and North Africa

Myronn Hardy: “Performance Day in the Vaulted Theater,” Blue over Bicycles”

Nashwa Gowanlock: “The Story of Ka”

Aiya Sakr: “In Which Huginn Has Fathered Children,” “Broken Ghazal: Seven Hijabis,” “Questions for my Jinn Counterpart”

Sara Elkamel: “Ways of Entering,” “Welcome to the Night, in Which We Are Hidden”

Dujie Tahat: “salat in a dream with Jida’s ghost on the night of Korryn Gaines’ killing,” “salat in the name of the father”

Makram Ayache: “These Old Jackets and Crowns”

Israel Eliraz: “Untitled”

Lori Levy: “Check-Up in Beer Sheva,” “Nursing Home Lies”

Nicholas Samaras: “Alatsata, I Bring You My Mother,” “Immigrant by Repetition”

Threa Almontaser: “When I Was Nine I Lived,” “Mining Cave in Dhamar,” “Yemen Storm,” “Yemen Plated with Divine Origami”

Eli Eliahu: “Ballistics,” “Genesis”

Jameel al-Jameel: “Paleness of Time”

Nineb Lamassu: “28/04/6767”

Bijan Najdi: “Happiness”

Adele Ne Jame: “The SS France and the Ruthless Furnace of This World”

Mariam Gomaa: “Qahwa”

Jessica Abughattas: “She Cannot Bear to Hear His Name”

Nada Faris: “All Knowledge is Permissible,” “Parachutes”

Darius Atefat-Peckham: “An Explosion of Feathers”

Mohja Kahf: “Spaciousness (al-Inshirah)”

Salim Barakat: “Fog Composed Like a Gentleman”

Alaz Ada: “The Tulip Age,” “The Hunger Thief”

Majda Gama: “Tala (Ode to the Girl Palm),” “Passing Twenty-One Palms”

Rachel Neve-Midbar: “Fourth Eden,” “Fajr”

Joshua Sassoon Orol: “Daughter of Egypt,” “Diaspora Prayer”

Hedy Habra: “Though It Still Appears to Be a Dream”

Maya Wahrman: “My Grandfather Said I Spoke Spanish Like Cervantes”

Ibtisam Barakat: “Rhythm”

Nurit Zarchi: “[UNTITLED]”

Fiction: General Submissions/Francine Ringold Awards

Skye Anicca: “Places I’ve Never Been”

Doug Ramspeck: “Summer”

Desiree Evans: “Whirligig”

Poetry: General Submissions/Francine Ringold Awards

Danielle Gosselin: “protector pulse”

Sarah Elrich: “All Maps Are Moving”

Caleb Nolen: “Yellow Jacket,” “Night Drives on the PA-26”

James Crews: “Telling My Mother”

Christopher Costabile: “Old Smoke”

Erin L. McCoy: “Notice of an Ice-Carried Boulder at Borgholm,” “Memoir of the Late John Wolley by Alfred Newton”

Reyna Clancy: “Miss July ‘85”

Cynthia Amoah: “for my grandmother, when words fail”

Lauren Saxon: “Tomorrow,” “Ghost Boys”

Katherine Stingley: “A Daughter Goes to Work”

Roy Mash: “At the Wedding the DJ Puts on an Oldie”

Neva Herrington: “Dining with Marjorie”

Susan Friberg: “Safe Passage,” “Sleeping Birds,” “Ghosts”





Fall/Winter 2018: Awards 40

Awards 40

Fall/Winter 2018

Vol. 62. No. 1

Editor’s Note


Sharon Solwitz: “Tremblement”

Ellen Rhudy: “Would You Know Me”

Ellen Furman: “Things”

Liz Ziemska: “Hunt Relic”

Amy Shearn: “Some Fun”

Mimi Lok: “Last of Her Name”


Emma DePanise: “Dry Season,” “My Mother Can’t Say the Word,” “Your Fear of Everything Is Not . . .,” “Did Anna Bertha Ludwig Ask to . . .,” “Late, January,” “Sustenance”

Megan Merchant: “Marrow,” “A thousand words is worth a picture,” “Eurydice,” “Pulp,” “Unfurling”

Susan Nguyen: “Beast Angel,” “If I Say My Body is Grieving”

Namrata Verghese: “Kathakali”

Adela Najarro: “Chantico Swings”

Darrel Alejandro Holnes: “The land is made a stepmother,” “20 de Diciembre, 1989: When the . . .” “For My Mother, The Black . . .”

Mark Smith-Soto: “Let It Spill”

Cornelia Veenendaal: “Rehearsal”

Susan Landgraf: “What’s Left”

Mel Elberger: “Recipe”

Caroline Berblinger: “Interviewing My Grandfather,” “For Taylor,” “April Again”

Elizabeth Rees : “Elegy for Good Health,” “Our Newborns Down the Hall . . .,” “No Other Name for Mother,” “Complicit”

Michael Warr: “What Not To Do . . .”

Emily Harman : “Cairn”

Josephine Yu: “Women Grieving,” “Dog with Cataracts,” “The Day After We Killed the Dog,” “Persona Non Grata”

Kate Gaskin: “Shark Week During the Apocalypse”

Jeanne Wagner: “Dogs That Look Like Wolves,” “Scald,” “Why I’m Often Suspected of Shoplifting”

Christie Towers: “Sugar Water in Winter”

Chrissy Kolaya: “The House Sitters”

Brian Czyzyk: “Baba Yaga’s Antidote for Aimlessness,” “Presque Isle,”

Don Colburn: “Ginkgo on 19th,” “Poem in December”

Don Hogle: “Mother”

Katherine Gaffney: “With Ghost”

John Walser: “Heaven,” “Vincent Street April”

Rebecca Foust: “Spring Is”

W.J. Herbert: “The Smell of Almost Rain”

S. B. Merrow: “Craving”

Benjamin Garcia: “Gay Epithalamium”

Matty Layne Glasgow : “Plumage,” “Ash Mama,” “bitter-berry”

J. Bailey Hutchinson: “Became My Body, Too”

Melanie Figg: “Psyche’s History of Houses”

Freesia McKee: “Peeling an Orange”

Caroline Earleywine: “Lipstick,” “What if our love wasn’t”

Ayokunle Falomo” “The World’s Loudest Sound”

Ryan Meyer: “Estuary,” “from Forgetting Guidelines”

Matthew MacFarland: “Singing Saw,” “Hic abundant lupi”

Roger Camp: “Ascension”

Kelly Michels: “What I mean when I say he went . . .”

Luke J. Johnson: “Song of the Stillborn”

Arne Weingart : “The Painting of the Barn without the . . .”

Lee Sharkey: “To Look Out Is to See; to Look In, to . . .”

Anna Scotti: “When I could still be seen,” “Five Children and It,” “Feathers of Gold”