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Current Issue

What Now?: The Future We Make

Spring/Summer 2022, Vol. 65, No. 2

Cover of Nimrod Journal Vol. 65, No. 2

Editor: Eilis O’Neal

Amelia L. Williams: “We say stay safe, be well—; Overwintering; Inclusion Criteria; Spring Morning Without Cream”

Lorna Crozier: “Four Ways to Keep on Going; Three Ways to Keep on Going; Two Ways to Keep on Going”

Krystyna Dabrowska: “Gdy to sie skonczy (When it’s Over); Rozpaczulga (Sorrowbalm)”

Lauren Camp: “Rocky Ground; Living Room”

Cristina J. Baptista: “Breath; The Annunciation”

Tim Raymond: “The River”

Tennessee Hill: “A Lifetime Trapped in Peach Brine”

Ginny Threefoot: “In Paradise: As Honey Is Our Nature; In Paradise: With Wildness and Anticipation”

Susan Azar Porterfield: “A Thing or Two About Illness”

Kailey Tedesco: “shelter / a whole world made of plastic”

Hannah Smith: “Pipeline Failure: Sweetwater, Texas; A Study in How to Turn; A Spectacle in Hill Country”

Oksana Maksymchuk: “Birdwatchress”

Scott Lowery: “Conceptual Sonogram”

Joel Peckham: “Twist Again; Still Running; This Year’s Child”

Jacqueline Guidry: “Almost There”

Kim Garcia: “How to Begin Again”

David Troupes: “The Pastime of an Idle Evening”

Lucyna Prostko: “The Act of Leaving; House of Wandering”

Suzanne Manizza Roszak: “Herbalism”

Stephanie Niu: “Anti-Resolutions to Protect Yourself in the New Year”

Fatima Jafar: “On Desire”

Dante Novario: “Unhaunted”

Geoff Anderson: “What Becomes Memory”

Katherine Fallon: “Willing Risk; Ponderosa”

Charles Grosel: “Dunkin’ Donuts”

Lauren Coggins: “Plonk”

Molly Sutton Kiefer: “Silphidae: Carrion Beetle”

Sarah Wetzel: “I would like to ask Eurydice; Pandemic, ending with a promise; Salvage”

N.Y. Ling: “Epiphanies on the Cross River Gorillas”

Crystal Cox: “2062”

Amy Wang: “sear; beating hearts; swallow-boned”

Jayden A. McClam: “what i meant when i said i forgot i’m a lesbian”

Matthew Olive: “Abandoned Baths (Amyl Nitrite)”

Cady Favazzo: “The Disappearance of Imani”

Lisa Wartenberg: “What is Ours”

Erin Evans: “Bird Song; Dear Life; Perennials; In Patient; Chickadee; Acceptance”