Current Issue - Kendall College of Arts and Sciences

Current Issue

Body Language

Spring/Summer 2023, Vol 66, No. 2



Jeffrey Xiong: “The Life Cycle of Stars”
Laura Schmitt: “Runaway Nation”
Grace Spulak: “Almost Autofiction”
Melissa Darcey Hall: “The Opposite of Instinct”
Emily Stoddard: “Our Kaleidoscope”
Tammy Armstrong: “News from the Interior”
Aleksia Silverman: “Listen, Everything Is Fine”


Felicia Zamora: “Sonnet to Break the Crown of Invisibility”
Benjamin Grossberg: “Or Had They Let Me Choose”
K Janeschek: “Spring Equinox,” “In This Hour of Sun,” “So Come with Me Instead
Jennifer Richter: “I Feel You,” “Shout-Out to the Little Girl Bear-Walking Through TSA Security”
Julie E. Bloemeke: “When the Leaves Come to Hide Me in Late Spring I Climb,” “West Village”
Elizabeth Ann Robertson: “Remedy,” “Winterkill”
Teresa Scollon: “The Body Is a Prayer That Opens”
Doug Ramspeck: “Gift Bones,” “Boys of Death”
K.T. Landon: “I Have Five Tattoos”
Rebecca Martin: “In the Hall of the Universe,” “Grapheme”
Riley O’Mearns: “Ode After the Gel Manicure”
Haley Bosse: “Consecration”
Annie Wenstrup: “Palimpsest,” “Self-Portrait as Pareidolia”
Darlene Anita Scott: “A History of Feet: An After-Action Report”
Julia Wendell: “For Luck”
Lucy Griffith: “I Took My Scars for a Walk”
Hallie Chametzky: “On Becoming a Cherry Pit the Day of the Dobbs Decision,” “Dance Making”
Traci Brimhall: “Lacrimosa,” Entomotherapy”
Genevieve De Guzman: “Morituri te Salutant,” “Woman as Ouroboros”
Kelly Weber: “Ode to His Knife Collection”
Maria Dylan Himmelman: “Anything Can and Will Happen,” “The Concorde,” “And Finally, My Memoir”
Susan Varnot: “Distance by Undertow”
Noah Davis: “Trout Heart”
Rebecca Baggett: “First”
Jed Myers: “Recipe,” “To an Old Physical Anthropologist Friend in the Metastic Realm”
John-Michael Bloomquist: “Pozole”
Benjamin Faro: “Party of One and Many”
Anna Leigh Knowles: “Cooking Lessons”
Jac-Lynn Stark: “Ode to a Pleomorphic Adenoma”
David Faldet: Secret; “Condiments”
Polley Poer: “My Dad Just Saved Your Life Tonight”
Shannon Moran: “Prevention’s Ultimate Guide to the Female Body”
Arah Ko: “Origin of the Fear”
Anna Tomlinson: “Undiagnosis,” “Fourth of July at Jay’s”
Zuleyha Ozturk Lasky: “Cherry,” “Ghazal”
Julia Lisella: “Tender”
Rachel Rinehart: “Abishag on OnlyFans,” “Obol for Mrs. O’Day”
Karthik Sethuraman: “Palinode,” “Departure”
Jennifer Perrine: “Portrait of My Mother on Her Green Card,” “Ashes”
Maya Nordine: “Brown, Maybe Hazel”
Angela Kirby: “Pareidolia 61: Redacted”
Sam Robison: “Roadkill on the Shoulder of Calving Season,” “Dog and Coyote,” “Wildflowers”
Anita Sullivan: “Waiting for Borage”
Ellen Kaufman: “Laps; “Broken Water”
Susan Kress: “Against the Wall,” “Breathe,” “Stephen Dunn, His Mother, and Me Too”
Leslie Jill Patterson: “If Your Heart Is Empty, I will Fill It for You,” “Swim Lessons”
Vasvi Kejriwal: “Elegy for My Father (Disguised as an Ode to My Pockmarked Skin)”
Karan Kapoor: “Sore Throat”
Claudia F. Saleeby Savage: “Slip of Light”
Kathleen Kimball-Baker: “Expert Witness: A Poet Distills the Turning Point Testimony In the Trial for the Murder of George Perry Floyd”
John Blair: “O Dearest Little Burning”
Melissa McKinstry: “Sorrow Chaser,” “Periodic Syntax”
Lisa Rhoades: “Sick at Heart,” “What Do You Need?”
Anthony Immergluck: “Burden of Care,” “Better”
Donna Sprujit-Metz: “Sarah Returns to Me as a Fleeting Image of Her Left Wrist Accessorized with Rubber Bands”
Natalia Conte: “It’s Adam and Eve, Not Florence and the Machine!”
Allen Means: “Gender/Sex (Please, Sign Here),” “My Hands Wish to Escape from This Body”
Danielle Cadena Deulen: “A Series Person”
Elaine Johanson: “Pomegranate, Past Ripe,” “Other Living Things”
Eunice Cho: “The Art of Lifts and Turns”
Will Dennis: “Pater Familia,” “Waiting in the 7-11 Parking Lot”
Hannah Craig: “Solstice”
Cory Brown: “What I’d Thought,” “To Live”
Alice Templeton: “At Harbin Hot Springs,” “Laying on the Horn,” “Yoga for Perpetual Beginners”