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Audition Info for Jazz

Jazz Audition Requirements

Students interested in performance opportunities with the various jazz workshop ensembles are encouraged to schedule a separate jazz audition in addition to the required classical audition.

Audition requirements include:

  • Scales/Chords – major scales & major 7th chord arpeggios; dorian minor scales & minor 7th chord arpeggios; dominant scales and dominant 7th chord arpeggios.
  • Prepared Selection – perform a jazz etude, transcribed solo or any excerpt from the jazz idiom that best demonstrates basic knowledge of jazz articulation and interpretation.
  • Jazz Performance – perform contrasting selections with prerecorded accompaniments (Jamey Aebersold Vol. 54 is recommended). Suggested selections include “Now’s The Time”, “Blue Bossa”, “Maiden Voyage”, “Impressions”, “Misty” or other tunes from standard jazz repertoire. Pianists, guitarists and wind players are expected to play the melody and improvise. Pianists and guitarists will be asked to comp the chord progressions as well. Bassists will be asked to play bass lines which outline the harmony and reflect the rhythmic style of the selection. Bassists may also improvise if they choose to.

Jazz Drummers will be asked to:

  • Play time (slow, medium and fast).
  • Sight read materials provided at the audition.
  • Demonstrate time and knowledge of styles in swing, bossa nova, samba, waltz, rock/funk, ballad and brushes.
  • Alternate keeping time and improvising for four, eight, and twelve-measure trading groups; repeat in different styles and tempi.

Vocalists will be asked to perform a selection(s) with prerecorded or live accompaniment (Aebersold play-alongs are fine). Tunes should be selected from standard jazz repertoire demonstrating the students understanding of jazz style, phrasing and interpretation.