Department of Media Studies - Kendall College of Arts and Sciences

Department of Media Studies

Activist. Creative director. Critic. Journalist. Media scholar. Producer. Publicist. Your dream career in media awaits you. Welcome to the Department of Media Studies.

Our students prepare for careers in the 21st century world of media through invaluable coursework and hands-on experience that blends media theory and history, creative and critical production, public relations and advertising, journalism and multimedia storytelling and other fields.

  • Our Students
    • Take innovative curriculum with nationally recognized media scholars
    • Produce films, studio shows, and podcasts with TU’s student-run collaborative, the TUTV Media Lab
    • Write and edit for the student-run newspaper, The Collegian
    • Compete in national student advertising competitions
    • Study abroad and under leading industry mentors in Tulsa
    • Try out media careers as interns at local and national outlets
    • Build career-launching portfolios with tailored senior projects
    • Graduate into media careers and postgraduate studies in cities such as Tulsa, Kansas City, Dallas, Oklahoma City, St. Louis, Chicago, Los Angeles, Washington, D.C., and New York City,
    • And much more.

    Our department does not simply prepare graduates for the working world. We provide pathways that launch alumni toward well-lit careers and better lives in a highly mediated world. These pathways seek to synthesize critical theory and creative practice at every turn, integrating the best of education and multiple modes of media engagement. Our courses immerse students in

    • Interdisciplinary learning
    • Critical thinking
    • Historical contexts
    • Theoretical frameworks
    • Pre-professional experience
    • Engagement with the broader mediated world.
  • TU Advertising Program

    The TU advertising program and the TU School of Art, Design & Art History collaborate to form the interdisciplinary ad program which covers disciplines including advertising, public relations, digital media, graphic design and persuasion. Learn more.




  • TUTV Media Lab

    The TUTV Media Lab is a student-run media collaborative with a weekly studio program, podcasts and opportunities for students to create their own project ideas using media. Learn more.




  • The Collegian

    The Collegian is a student newspaper of The University of Tulsa. Since 1898 its staff has brought excellent journalism to the university each week to foster a lively, academic and entertaining atmosphere for all members of the campus community. Learn more.




  • Our Alumni

    Media studies prepares students to excel in every facet of society. From politicians to public relations managers, the diverse career opportunities is evident in our alumni.

    Popsey Floyd

     Burdened with a reputation for crime and violence, a south Tulsa neighborhood at 61st and Peoria voted to be renamed Hope Valley. No longer on the sidelines of progress, the community is striving to exemplify its new name. At the center of the effort is Tulsa Police Department’s first community resource officer and TU alumnus Amley “Popsey” Floyd (BA ’09).

    Learn more. 

    Anna America

    A colorful poster adorned with scribbled requests for city improvements — like creating cat parks and better education funding — is the centerpiece of Tulsa City Councilor Anna America’s office. The artwork is titled “Kids’ Ideas for Tulsa,” and when children visit this 1985 TU alumna’s office, they simply grab a marker to advocate for their issues on the poster.

    Learn more.