Life Long Learning Courses - Kendall College of Arts and Sciences

Life Long Learning Courses

Spring 2023

Course NumberCourse Title LocationMeeting TimesMeeting DaysFaculty
HIST-3543-01The Civil WarCH, 12210:00AM - 10:50AMMWFOertel, Kristen
ANTH-2043-01Ptrn in Cult: Cult AnthOH, 1389:00AM - 9:50AMMWFStromberg, Peter G.
ART-3193-01Photography IPH, 3103:30PM - 5:50PMMWFarnum, Daniel James
ART-3333-01Collage StudioPH, 2066:00PM - 8:20PMMWSingleton, Taryn
ART-4153-01Photography StudioPH, 31010:30AM - 12:50PMMWFarnum, Daniel James
ENGL-2243-01Literature Across TimeLH, 3012:00PM - 3:15PMTThJenkins, Grant M
ENGL-2413-01Intro Indigenous LitOH, 13810:00AM - 10:50AMMWFStevens, Laura M.
ENGL-3793-01St: Research for PoetsOH, 1416:00PM - 8:45PMTBassiri, Kaveh
ENGL-4003-01Scholarly WritingCH, 1222:00PM - 4:45PMThBeam, Sara Nicole
ENGL-4123-01Modern Literary TheoryCH, 2522:00PM - 3:15PMMWLaird, Holly Alison
ENGL-4813-01St: Writing for GreenwoodZAR, 2046:00PM - 8:45PMThLansana, Quraysh Ali Myles
FR-1014-01Beginning French IIOH, 2318:00AM - 8:50AMMTWFMcDermott, Erin W
FR-1014-02Beginning French IIOH, 23111:00AM - 11:50AMMTWFMcDermott, Erin W
FR-2013-01Intermediate French IIOH, 2319:00AM - 9:50AMMWFMcDermott, Erin W
FR-2013-02Intermediate French IIOH, 23110:00AM - 10:50AM MWFMcDermott, Erin W
HIST-2703-01Hist of US China RelLH, 2079:30AM - 10:45AMTThBuoye, Thomas M.
HIST-2733-01Colonialism/ImperialismCH, LH11:00AM - 11:50AMMWFWood, Andrew G
HIST-3663-01Reform Rev Modern ChinaCH, 3302:00PM - 3:15PMTThBuoye, Thomas M.
HIST-4873-01St: the Carolingian EmpireCH, 2543:30PM - 4:45PMMWArnold, Jonathan J
MSTU-2863-03St Intrnt Soc Media & DemTH, 302011:00AM - 12:15PMTThKampani, Gaurav
MSTU-3413-01Making the NewsOH, 1416:00PM - 8:45PMWPevac, Mikayla Zoe
POL-2043-01Pol & Culture of ChinaCH, 12311:00AM - 11:50AMMWFMisra, Kalpana
POL-2123-01Intrnt Soc Media DemocrTH, 302011:00AM - 12:15PMTThKampani, Gaurav
POL-2303-01Cont Issues in Intl AffairsTH, 30203:30PM - 4:45PMMWKampani, Gaurav
POL-3323-01U S National SecurityTH, 30206:00PM - 7:15PMMWKampani, Gaurav
POL-3863-01ST: China & the WorldCH, 2562:00PM - 3:15PMMWMisra, Kalpana
PSY-2083-01Psychology of TraumaLH, 2076:00PM - 7:15PMTThSlaughter, Autumn
PSY-4013-01History of PsychologyLH, 3129:30AM - 10:45AMTThDavis, Joanne L
REL-2383-01Religion & ScienceCH, 3309:30AM - 10:45AMTThDrever, Matthew D
SPAN-3033-01Hispanic Literary TextsOH, 30111:00AM - 12:15PMTThWillis, Bruce Dean
SPAN-4093-01Short Story Latin AmerOH, 3012:00PM - 3:15PMTThWillis, Bruce Dean
WS-4383-01Queer Theory/Queer LiveCH, 2522:00PM - 3:15PMMWLaird, Holly Alison