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Life Long Learning Courses

Fall 2022: August 22 – December 17

Course NumberCourse TitleMeeting Dates Meeting LocationMeeting TimesFaculty
ANTH-2043-01Patterns in Culture: Cultural AnthropologyMon, Wed, Fri Oliphant Hall, Room 1389:00AM - 9:50AMStromberg, P
ANTH-2083-01Evolution of Human Sexual BehaviorTue, ThurOliphant Hall, Room 13811:00AM - 12:15PMFoster, H
CPLT-2383-01Classical MythologyMon, Wed, Fri Online - Synchronous Course1:00PM - 1:50PMMacQueen, B
ENGL-2243-01Literature Across TimeTue, ThurHA, Room 31559:30AM - 10:45AMJenkins, G
GRK-1014-01Beginning Greek IIMon, Tue, Wed, Fri Online - Synchronous Course9:00AM - 9:50AMMacQueen, B
HIST-2313-01Ancient WorldMon, Wed, Fri Chapman Hall, Lecture Hall
1:00PM - 1:50PMArnold, J
HIST-2613-01China and Japan From Antiquity to 1800Tue, ThurLorton Hall, Room 3019:30AM - 10:45AMBuoye, T
HIST-3303-01History of Early Chinese PhilosophyTue, ThurChapman Hall, Room 3302:00PM - 3:15PMBuoye, T
LAT-1004-01Beginning Latin IMon, Tue, Wed, Fri Online - Synchronous Course10:00AM - 10:50AMMacQueen, B
LAT-2003-01Intermediate Latin IMon, Wed, Fri Online - Synchronous Course11:00AM - 11:50AMMacQueen, B
MUS-1043-01Jazz: Mirror America SocietyMon, Wed, Fri Lorton Performance Center, Room 133011:50AM - 11:00AMDanny A
PHIL-2013-01ReasoningTue, ThurLorton Hall, Room 2079:30AM - 10:45AMFutch, M
PHIL-3013-01Modern PhilosophyTue, ThurChapman Hall, Room 25312:30PM - 1:45PMFutch, M
POL-2033-01World Politics in the 21st CenturyTue, ThurChapman Hall, Lecture Hall12:30PM - 1:45PMMisra, K
POL-2393-01Politics of the Global CommonsTue, ThurLorton Hall, Room 31411:00AM - 12:15PMKampani, G
POL-3053-01American Foreign PolicyMon, WedTyrrell Hall, Room 30206:00PM - 7:15PMKampani, G
POL-3863-02Special Topics:Terrorism & CounterTue, ThurLorton Hall, Room 2076:00PM - 7:15PMCarson, B
REL-1313-01Introduction to IslamMon, WedChapman Hall, Lecture Hall2:00PM - 3:15PMPrudlo, D
REL-2343-01Christian Faith ThoughtTue, ThurChapman Hall, Room 12212:30PM - 1:45PMDrever, M
REL-3383-01Protestant ReformationTue, ThurChapman Hall, Room 25111:00AM - 12:15PMDrever, M
RUSS-1004-02Beginning Russian ITue, ThurOliphant Hall, Room 1402:00PM - 3:40PMDoshlygina, E
RUSS-2003-01Intermediate Russian ITue, ThurOliphant Hall, Room 14011:00AM - 12:15PMDoshlygina, E
RUSS-3033-01Approach to Russ LitTue, ThurOliphant Hall, Room 14012:30PM - 1:45PMDoshlygina, E
SPAN-1004-01Beginning Spanish IMon, Tue, Wed, Fri Oliphant Hall, Room 1058:00AM - 8:50AMPagan, R
SPAN-1004-02Beginning Spanish IMon, Tue, Wed, Fri Oliphant Hall, Room 1059:00AM - 10:50AM Pagan, R
SPAN-1004-03Beginning Spanish IMon, Tue, Wed, Fri Oliphant Hall, Room 10510:00AM - 10:50AMPagan, R