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School of Language and Literature

Why are TU Language and Literature graduates so successful in obtaining coveted positions in business, teaching and the most prestigious graduate schools? The answer is simple: It’s what TU graduates can do that sets them apart. Their high achievement typically begins with small, student-centered language classes, continues with a study abroad experience and concludes with challenging advanced-level courses.

Students of Language and Literature acquire greater awareness of and appreciation for other cultures; develop proficiency in a target language and a basic understanding of its linguistic structure; gain a deeper understanding of textual analysis and literary genres, styles, and periods; engage with current scholarship; and prepare themselves to participate in a global society.

As a significant component for the college experience, every language student is encouraged to participate in a study abroad program to acquire cultural literacy and fluency in a foreign language.

A map of Europe with many heart-shaped objects imprinted with various European flagsLanguage rights at home and abroad

A world-renowned scholar of language acquisition, bilingualism, linguistic law and immigration, Eduardo Faingold, recently published his twelfth scholarly monograph.

Read more about Eduardo Faingold.

“As many languages you know, as many times you are a human being.” – Czech saying

  • International Business and Language

    The Bachelor of Science in International Business and Language degree combines the business core, emphasis on international business and language proficiency in Chinese, French, German, Russian or Spanish. Learn more.



  • International Engineering and Language

    TU’s College of Engineering and Natural Sciences and the School of Language and Literature in the Kendall College of Arts and Sciences have partnered to offer an International Engineering and Language/International Science and Language dual degree program that features two degrees in an engineering or science discipline and a language offered at TU. Learn more.