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Film Studies Undergraduate Programs

Film studies focuses on the history, theory and production techniques of film. Explore a wide range of courses in all dimensions of filmmaking including documentary, narrative and animation forms as well as screenwriting, film scoring, post-production and film genres.

Department of Film Studies provides undergraduate students with expertise in all dimensions of film as both art and business. To be as comprehensive and professional as possible, this curriculum includes: film history and theory, documentary, narrative and animation filmmaking, production studio, production location, digital recording, post-production, great directors, screenwriting, film genres, entertainment law, adaptation, lighting design, acting, finance, marketing and internship. Minors, which augment the major in film studies, are available in screenwriting.

  • Program Learning Outcomes

    1. The analysis and interpretation of the historical, theoretical, artistic, and production elements of film, such as screenwriting, film production, postproduction, theory/criticism, and film scoring.

    2. The production of film from script to final edit and the use of technological tools as evidenced by the creation of cinematic projects.

    3. Knowledge of the professional requirements of the film industry and related fields.

  • Degree Options

    Film Studies, B.A.

    Provides students with the history, theory, and production techniques of film; including screenwriting, animation, documentary, narrative filmmaking, and film scoring.

    Film Studies Minor

    Non-majors interested in learning more about film are encouraged to add it to their degree program as a minor.

  • Typical Four Year Schedule
    Exposition and ArgumentationFirst Seminar
    Beginning Language IBeginning Language II
    Block I - Aesthetic Inquiry and Creative ExperienceBlock II - Historical and Social Interpretation
    Film History*Introduction to Filmmaking
    Freshman ExperienceFilm Theory and Criticism*
    Intermediate Language IIntermediate Language II
    Block II - Historical and Social InterpretationBlock III - Scientific Investigation
    Block II - Historical and Social InterpretationBlock II - Historical and Social Interpretation
    Contemporary MathematicsBlock I - Aesthetic and Creative Experience
    Film Studies ElectiveFilm Production: Location*
    Block II - Historical and Social InterpretationMinor
    Intro to Film Scoring**Minor
    Techniques in Film ProductionFilm Genres**
    Screenwriting**Digital Motion/Animation**
    Video Production Studio**Narrative Film Production I**
    Advanced Film Seminar*Film Studio Elective*
    The Business of Film and TelevisionMusic and Film**
    Minor (Upper Division)Minor (Upper Division)
    Narrative Film Production II**General Elective
    General ElectiveGeneral Elective
    *Required course for the Film Studies major
    **Examples of Film Studies elective courses (a minimum of nine courses must be included for the major)
    Note: The sequence of courses may be rearranged to accommodate a semester of study abroad and/or an internship: