Department of Film Studies - Kendall College of Arts and Sciences

Department of Film Studies

The film studies program empowers students to acquire the analytical skills to understand and interpret film and film texts, and to make films that tell a story powerfully and effectively. From writing the script to final edits, students develop a thorough knowledge of film production. Our students are prepared to pursue a career in film production or further graduate studies.

Students have access to state-of-the-art cameras and equipment and to many opportunities for film internships. They are encouraged and mentored to produce their own films for acceptance into regional and national festivals and for our three annual TU film festivals. Our students’ films regularly win awards, including a recent Student Emmy Award; and our alumni are working in major centers such as Los Angeles, New York, Austin and in Oklahoma.

We invite you to join our collaborative learning and artistic community. You can pursue your dreams and tell your stories along with us, as we share our passion for the creative art of filmmaking!


  • The 2022 Filmmaking Camp will not be held this summer

    Please check back next spring. We plan to host a spectacular Film-making Camp in summer 2023!

    Any questions can be directed to Katy Gallagher at or 918-631-2738.

    The Department of Film Studies at The University of Tulsa offers a residential film-making camp for high school students. They will have the opportunity to immerse themselves in the art and craft of film-making for one exciting week. Learn more.


  • Student Films

    From documentaries to short films, check out the work of our talented students on our Vimeo page.