Center for Community Research & Development

About Us

The Center for Community Research & Development provides a link among The University of Tulsa, the Community Service Council, and other community-based organizations. CCRD aims to improve the effectiveness of community organizations by drawing upon the research skills and technical expertise of faculty and students in a wide variety of disciplines.

Past areas include:

  • early childhood
  • poverty
  • child abuse
  • physical and mental health services
  • service learning
  • immigration
  • urban planning

Community Forums

The Center for Community Research and Development provides a link between The University of Tulsa and local community-based organizations. By hosting forums, CCRD hopes to help Tulsa address complex social problems related to early childhood development, violence, poverty, and physical and mental health.

Consultation & Evaluation

CCRD provides low-cost consultation and evaluation to community agencies for needs assessments and program evaluations.