English Degree - University of Tulsa

Department of English and Creative Writing

The Department of English immerses students in rich experiences of the literary tradition in England and America and introduces them to critical methods and theoretical approaches to literary study. On this foundation, English electives focus on literary periods, both canonical and noncanonical literary figures, the several genres of literature and the varied cultural contexts in which English literature has arisen and thrived. Work in related fields such as film studies, creative writing, history, philosophy and the college’s certificate programs is encouraged. The overall aim of the program is flexible, yet directive and cumulative, and provides broad opportunities for professional as well as personal post-graduate application.

Tulsa English graduates are pursuing advanced studies in law, medicine and business. They also are engaged in a variety of careers in public service as well as private industry and enterprise where understanding gained through the study of literature and the ability to communicate effectively in writing and speech are valued as important professional assets.