Deaf Education Undergraduate Programs - Kendall College of Arts and Sciences

Majoring in deaf education prepares teachers of deaf and hard of hearing students to work in a variety of school settings either as a classroom teacher or as a consultant for students mainstreamed into general education classes. In addition, the program prepares teachers of American Sign Language, one of the fastest growing world language offerings in secondary schools in the U.S.

* The deaf education program in The University of Tulsa’s Department of Education is nationally accredited by the Council on Education of the Deaf (CED). Upon completion, students are eligible to apply for an initial teaching certificate through the state of Oklahoma to teach deaf and hard of hearing students (N-12). They may apply for additional content area certification after initially certified.

During their junior and senior years, they devote their time to specific deaf education methods courses and related practicum experiences.

As a CED Comprehensive Program, the deaf education major provides classes ideal for working with diverse populations of students who are deaf and hard of hearing including those who use American Sign Language and/or use hearing technologies such as cochlear implants and are learning to listen and speak. Opportunities for interacting with deaf and hard of hearing children and adults are arranged through community organizations and within public schools. Students are required to complete three deaf education practicums in a variety of school settings during their junior and senior years as well as 15 hours per semester of interaction in the deaf community.

* The University of Tulsa is not accepting applications or matriculating new undergraduate students in the bachelor’s degree in deaf education or minor in deaf education programs beyond the fall 2019 term. The information above is for reference purposes only.

  • Program Objectives
    1. Exhibit competency in communicating in English and American Sign Language (ASL)
    2. Demonstrate understanding of the historical and cultural aspects of deaf education.
    3. Demonstrate knowledge and skills in language acquisition, intervention, and literacy development in deaf and hard of hearing students.
    4. Provide evidence of pedagogical competencies in instructional planning and teaching.
    5. Define the different dispositions, roles, and responsibilities of deaf education professionals.
    6. Exhibit commitment to continuous, lifelong learning and service to the field of deaf education.
  • Degree Options

    Deaf Education, B.A.D.E.

    The University of Tulsa is not accepting applications or matriculating new undergraduate students into the bachelor’s program in deaf education beyond the fall 2019 term. Students who have matriculated into the bachelor’s program may not declare deaf education as a major after the spring 2020 term. This information is for reference purposes only.

    Deaf Education Minor

    The University of Tulsa is not accepting students into the minor in deaf education program beyond the spring 2020 term. This information is for reference purposes only.

  • Typical Four Year Schedule
    AS 1001 College Experience (1 hour)FS 1973 (3 hours)
    ENGL 1033 (3 hours)CDDE 1013 ASL II (3 hours)
    CDDE 1003 ASL I (3 hours)Block II (3 hours)
    MATH 1093 Math with App or MATH 1053 (3 hours)EDUC 1101 Intro to Educ (1 hour)
    Block I (3 hours)EDUC 2103 Foundations of Educ (3 hours)
    Block II (3 hours)Block III BIOL (3 hours)
    AS 2001 Prep for Life after Grad (1 hour)CDDE 2013 ASL IV (3 hours)
    CDSP 2023 Normal Language Dev (3 hours)SOC or PSY 2023 Statistics (3 hours)
    CDDE 2003 ASL III (3 hours)Block II (3 hours)
    MATH 1083 Contemporary Math (3 hours)Block III CHEM + lab (4 hours)
    Block III PHSY (3 hours)CDDE 2383 Deaf History & Culture (3 hours)
    CDDE 2033 Intro to Deaf Educ (3 hours)
    CDDE 3203 Intro to Audiology (3 hours)MATH 4373 Concepts in Reasoning (3 hours)
    CDDE 4313 Lang Deve D/HH (3 hours)CDDE 4333 Literacy Deve D/HH (3 hours)
    CDDE 3181 DE Practicum I (1 hour)CDDE 3281 DE Practicum II (1 hour)
    EDUC 3713 Child & Adol (3 hours)EDUC 3733 Measurement & Eval (3 hours)
    EDUC 2303/3103 Child Literature (Block I - 3 hours)Block II (3 hours)
    Block II (3 hours)Specialization (3 hours)
    CDDE 4353 Auditory Options (3 hours)CDDE 4516 Deaf Educ Student Teaching (6 hours)
    CDDE 4343 Methods D/HH (3 hours)CDDE 4536 Deaf Education Sec Student Teaching (6 hours)
    CDDE 3381 DE Practicum III (1 hour)Seminar in Student Teaching (1 hour)
    EDUC 4013 Exceptional Child (3 hours)
    EDUC 3171 Educ Tech (1 hour)
    EDUC 4971 Seminar in Student Teaching (1 hour)
    Specialization (3 hours)
    Specialization (3 hours)