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Classical Studies

TU’s certificate in Classical Studies provides an interdisciplinary approach to the Greco-Roman World and its medieval and modern legacies. Two versions of the certificate are available, one focusing on classical civilizations alone and the other on classical civilizations and languages. Courses can be selected from a variety of disciplines, including art history, comparative literature, film studies, Greek, history, Latin, philosophy, political science, religion, and theatre. The certificate requires 21 credit hours. Learn more.

The certificate program in classical studies is designed for the traditional and non-traditional student who wants to acquire a solid foundation in the Greco-Roman world and its legacy. Students must either have a bachelor’s degree from an accredited college or university or be in the process of completing a bachelor’s degree at The University of Tulsa. Certificate programs consist of between 18 and 24 credits. If a certificate is being completed in lieu of a minor, at least 12 hours must solely fulfill requirements for the certificate. Students interested in fulfilling the requirements of a certificate program should consult the director of the specific program or the College Advising Office.

  • Program Learning Outcomes
    1. Demonstrate broad knowledge of the civilizations of Classical Antiquity. 1a. Identify key ideas, individuals, groups, events, and/or artifacts from classical antiquity. 1b. Recognize and demonstrate understanding of diverse peoples, attitudes, beliefs, and/or values of classical antiquity. 1c. Analyze the significance of classical civilizations within their own and/or later historical contexts.
    2. Analyze literary and/or material evidence from Classical Antiquity. 2a. Acquire and evaluate texts, works of art, and/or other artifacts of classical antiquity. 2b. Identify and examine a central question of questions posed by an ancient source or sources. 2c. Compose a sound interpretation and/or argument based on ancient sources and/or modern scholarship.
  • Certificate

    Classical Studies Certificate

    Designed for the traditional and non-traditional student who wants to acquire a solid foundation in the Greco-Roman world and its legacy.

  • Advisory Board

    Matthew Drever, Associate Professor of Religion
    Victor Udwin, Associate Professor of German & Comparative Literature
    Bruce MacQueen, Applied Associate Professor of Languages
    Donald Prudlo, Warren Professor of Catholic Studies, Philosophy and Religion
    Christopher Frey, McFarlin Chair in Philosophy

  • Contact the Director

     Meet the Director of Classical Studies and Associate Professor of History Jon Arnold.