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Professor Belmaker: Cultural history of PaleoAsia

Miriam Belmaker has been invited to present her research in the second conference of the Cultural History of PaleoAsia. The four-year project “Cultural History of PaleoAsia: Integrative Research on the Formative Processes of Modern Human Cultures in Asia” was launched... MORE

On Identifying Stone Tool Production Techniques

On Identifying Stone Tool Production Techniques: An Experimental and Statistical Assessment of Pressure versus Soft Hammer Percussion Flake Form Pressure flaking is a stone tool production technique that uses a narrow tool to directly apply force to the edge of... MORE

Hunters at Home: Excavations in Jordan

This summer, a joint team from The University of Tulsa and the University of California, Berkeley, return to the site of Kharaneh IV in eastern Jordan for excavations. This site was occupied approximately 20,000 years ago, during the Epipalaeolithic period,... MORE