• Image of printed brochure
    Collateral Material/Brochure, 2013
  • Logo design for Honeybee Hill
    Brand Identity Logo, 2014
  • Blue Patterns
    Atmosphere, 2017
  • Image of girl removing her face.
    Clean Slate, 2015
  • Product images for Down Under Malbec wine
    Package Design, 2012
  • Man screaming from within a white straitjacket
  • Painting of various cups and bowls
  • Painting of man with a cane sitting on an outdoor bench
  • Painting of many red, orange, yellow, and purple lines
  • Painting of a woman staring at a canvas.
  • Woman sitting on a chair with her feet propped up and holding a laptop
  • Drawing of a woman flossing her teeth
  • Orange and black print of neighborhood houses
    Ambiguity, 2017
  • Distorted face of a man
  • Two prosthetic left legs
    Duets, 2011
  • Three large bells suspended by wooden scaffolding
    Berkely, 2016
  • A man with an owl face emerging from a boot while holding bird scarecrows
    Birdman, 2016
  • Men taking photo
    Rising Sun, 2017
  • Printing of the words "labor omina vincit" against a backdrop of the clouds
  • A vintage yellow vacuum cleaner and a framed photo sitting near a balcony railing.
  • Photo of a printed picture of a mother and her daughter
  • Woman dressed in a semi-transparent morph suit
  • Photo of a room containing wireframe art on a table and photos on the wall
  • Wireframe sculpture of a giraffe set on a table
    Giraffe, 2017
  • Wireframe sculpture of a monkey suspended from the ceiling
    Monkey, 2017
  • Wireframe sculpture of a narwhal set on a table
    Narwhal, 2017
  • Drawing of a woman's face
  • A woman in a red jacket standing on an exterior building staircase.
  • Photo of an interior room with window light shining onto the wall
  • A group of several people looking at an airport map
  • Picture of man composed completely of text relating to graphic design.
    Typography, 2012
  • Outline of three people dancing
    Poster Design, 2014
  • Man with particles in place of his head.
    Poster Design, 2015
  • Blue, brown, red, and yellow painted boxes.
  • Abstract drawing of two women lying down and staring upward.