Art Undergraduate Programs - Kendall College of Arts and Sciences

The School of Art offers rigorous training in Art, Design, Art History and Arts Management. The study of the arts encourages students to approach art from multiple perspectives, and their art is rooted in contemporary discourses on art and history. State-of-the-art facilities and engaged professors embolden students to develop and realize their visions. We attract an array of regional and national artists and scholars to campus to help students discuss, critique and cultivate their work. Through strong partnerships with local museums and galleries, students create advertising campaigns, participate in exhibitions and pursue rewarding internships.

Students in the School of Art participate in a dynamic and collaborative program focused on exploring, creating and analyzing art and its practices. We offer concentrations in art history, digital art, graphic design, painting, photography and printmaking, while also encouraging students to work across varying media. The interdisciplinary Arts Management program is housed at the School of Art. Small class sizes foster close relationships with students and professors, and together, students’ vision becomes art.

  • Program Objectives


    Student will:

    1. Demonstrate conceptual and technical proficiency within one or more aspect of the visual arts.
    2. Exhibit evidence of professionalism by developing a portfolio, resume and artist statement, locating their own work within historical and contemporary contexts.


    Students will:

    1. Demonstrate high level of conceptual and technical competency within at least one area of emphasis.
    2. Exhibit evidence of professionalism by developing a cohesive body of work, resume and artist statement, demonstrating the ability to apply historical and contemporary contexts to their own practice.
    3. Successful execution of final project or exhibition, including written artist statement, which illustrates stylistic and conceptual competency of chosen art form.


    Students will:

    1. Demonstrate knowledge of major monuments and artists in their specific cultural-historical context and apply that knowledge to specific art historical problems (e.g., what makes a work of art meaningful or worthy of study).
    2. Demonstrate sound research, intellectual analysis of source material, critical thinking, and effective writing and speaking skills.
  • Degree Options

    Art, B.F.A.

    Enables students to enter professional careers in art and to find their place in contemporary artistic practice.

    Art, Studio Art Specialization, B.A.

    Students have a chance to do course work in the visual arts as an integral part of a general liberal arts degree program. Students who earn a Bachelor of Arts with a specialization in studio art will attain a broad knowledge of artistic production and concepts that will prepare them for diverse career paths.

    Art, Art History Specialization, B.A.

    Offers the student general knowledge about art through the ages and the critical skills to interpret it.

    Art Minor

    Non-majors interested in learning more about art are encouraged to add it to their degree program as a minor.

    Art History Minor

    Non-majors interested in learning more about art history are encouraged to add it to their degree program as a minor.