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Areas of Study


Art history offers students the opportunity to investigate the art and architecture of diverse time periods and cultures. By teaching critical skills, students can interpret the visual world around them as well as the artistic legacy of the past. Students are not only prepared for exciting careers, but also they have the cultural knowledge and creativity to imagine the jobs of the future.


Arts, Culture and Entertainment (ACE) Management is an interdisciplinary program in business, art, culture, entertainment and entrepreneurship. All students complete the same core studies in ACE Management, as well as a set of courses within their selected specialization, tailored to the specialization’s focus and the student’s individual interests. Students choose a specialization in one of the following areas:

  • Visual arts
  • Performing arts
  • Entertainment and commercial arts
  • Cultural and public administration

The career success of the program’s graduates is supported by the five separate on-the-job experiences each student gains. These experiences may be completed locally, regionally, nationally, and/or internationally, including a funded experience in London, exclusive to ACE Management.

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The Motion Graphics and Animation program focuses on creative communication using digital technologies as a tool to produce original works of art. Utilizing state-of-the-art software and equipment in our labs, students practice digital imaging, interactive multimedia, time-based media, 3D modeling and computer graphics. Students investigate conceptual and perceptual possibilities as they engage in alternative art discourses within historic and contemporary contexts. Digital media is an exciting discipline where dynamic, ambitious, self-motivated students push themselves, their vision, and their artwork.


Graphic design offers students a chance to learn the creative process in traditional and new media, software skills, and design responsibility, skills which place students at the heart of design thinking and innovation. Students participate in variety of courses including, print and digital design, motion graphics and animation, typography, book design, package design, branding and advertising. Classwork helps designers find their own voice and perspective in today’s design world.


Artists in the painting program establish a visual dialogue of looking and responding in order to create a painted statement. Students create a contemporary voice by seeing themselves in the context of the tradition of painting. The painting program is organized to give painters the opportunity to make personal discoveries and to elaborate on those discoveries in their studios. The program emphasizes studio work that is assessed through individual and group critiques as well as critiques provided by visiting artists.


The photography program focuses on the development of a student’s voice and the mastery of skills related to artistic image-making. Photography students learn both film and digital processes. Students also explore conceptual trends associated with the medium so that they may participate in contemporary developments in photography. Students who complete the program enter the art world as dynamic critical thinkers and highly trained practitioners.


The printmaking curriculum is designed to give students a comprehensive experience within the medium, with regular courses offered in monotype and relief, lithography, etching, silkscreen and photomechanical/digital processes. Students explore the boundaries of print media through courses in traditional techniques as well as more experimental applications and mixed-media. Through an interdisciplinary approach, students learn to create their own visual language. Students routinely engage with visiting artists and participate in workshops and exhibitions.


Students establish a solid foundation of technical and intellectual skills in our sculptural-based learning environment. Develop your own artistic voice by uniting influences from the world around you with your individuality.