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Advertising Minor

TU’s popular Advertising Program is part of the Department of Media Studies and the School of Art, Design and Art History. This interdisciplinary program emphasizes advertising, public relations, digital media, graphic design and persuasion. Students take a comprehensive look into industry demands to cultivate skills and abilities that employers look for in today’s candidates like creativity, innovation, entrepreneurship and leadership.

The curriculum will increase concentration on writing, public speaking and persuasion. Exceptional communication skills tops the qualities employers most often seek. The advertising program raises the bar to ensure TU graduates are ready to meet those demands.

  • Program Objectives

    Students will learn practical application of the fields in communication and design through the required courses. Specific skill development pertains to the following:

    1. Digital Painting—Learn techniques and visual vocabulary of contemporary illustration, focusing on today’s dominant image generating applications.
    2. Graphics Communication— Introduction to Graphic Design as a medium of visual communication. Students learn the effectiveness of visual communication and its practices in the professional world today.
    3. Principles of Advertising—Learn the mass media and the marketing process by surveying the historical aspect of advertising, creative production, and media planning.
    4. Media and Concept Strategy— Learn advanced levels of creative concept and media evaluation with emphasis placed on market/consumer/media research, concept brain storming, competitive analysis and print and broadcast creative executions.
    5. Branding—Study the perceptions, real or imagined, that exist in the marketplace and influence buying behaviors.
  • Third Floor Design

    Third Floor Design is a TU student-operated graphic design agency. It produces pro bono promotional materials for non-profit arts and social service agencies—logos, posters, fliers, brochures, invitations, letterhead and other collateral material. Graphic Design Professor M. Teresa Valero co-created the agency in 1992. It matches TU art students to Tulsa’s non-profit organizations where students learn the rewards of volunteerism. Working in the agency, they earn credit, and thus Third Floor Design serves as part of the curriculum. Learn more.

  • TUTV Media Lab

    The TUTV Media Lab is a student-run media collaborative with a weekly studio program, podcasts and opportunities for students to create their own project ideas using media. Learn more

  • Minor

    Advertising Minor

    Designed to compliment a degree in Communication, Film, English, Languages, or Theatre.

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