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Department of Sociology

People spend their entire lives in social groups and networks, ranging from the family to global systems. Sociologists study how these groups and networks work.

Developing the ability to analyze society is a core component of anyone’s education and personal development, and thus, the sociology major facilitates any career. In addition, sociology majors can design a specific program of study in preparation for graduate school, professional school (law, business, medicine) and for careers in social service, government, research, consulting, teaching or business.

Our close, personal attention to students, both within and outside the classroom, is a major strength of the sociology program at The University of Tulsa. We have a deep commitment to teaching and helping students develop their full potential. Read about the latest research conducted by sociology majors.

Liisa Soloma

Sociology Student Striving for Prison Reform

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Roxanne Eddington

Sociology student finds opportunity and passion after transferring to TU

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