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Language and Literature Undergraduate Programs

A degree in language and literature involves developing proficiency in a target language and a basic understanding of its linguistic structure. Students gain a deeper understanding of textual analysis and literary genres, styles and periods while acquiring greater knowledge and appreciation for other cultures.

The School of Language and Literature currently offers instruction in nine languages. These include three romance languages—Spanish, French, and Portuguese—that account for hundreds of millions of native-speakers in the Americas and Africa as well as Europe. The most-spoken language on the planet, Mandarin Chinese, is the focus of a growing program with strong student interest. Enrollments continue to grow in Russian and German, and dedicated groups of students choose instruction in Hebrew, ancient Greek, and Latin.

Professional Opportunities

  • Entrepreneur
  • Medicine
  • Law
  • Government (US or foreign)
  • International business or engineering
  • Teaching
  • Journalism
  • Information Technology

The School of Language and Literature produces successful alumni who obtain coveted positions in business, government, education and the most prestigious professional and graduate schools. A degree in a language and literature complements all other fields of study and makes a graduate more marketable. The student experience begins with small, student-centered language classes, continues with a study abroad experience and concludes with challenging advanced level courses in the language.

Bachelor of arts degrees are available in French, German, Spanish, Chinese studies, and Russian studies. Students can minor in ancient Greek, French, German, Latin, linguistics and Spanish. Language students are encouraged to have a second major.

Russian Studies, B.A.

An interdisciplinary program in Russian language, literature and culture, history, and politics.

Russian Studies Minor

An interdisciplinary minor in Russian language, literature and culture, history, and politics.

Chinese Studies, B.A.

An interdisciplinary program drawing from the disciplines of political science, history, literature and language, business, and economics.