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School of Language and Literature

“As many languages you know, as many times you are a human being.” – Czech saying

Why are TU Language and Literature graduates so successful in obtaining coveted positions in business, teaching and the most prestigious graduate schools? The answer is simple: It’s what TU graduates can do that sets them apart. Their high achievement typically begins with small, student-centered language classes, continues with a study abroad experience and concludes with challenging advanced-level courses.

Students of Language and Literature acquire greater awareness of and appreciation for other cultures; develop proficiency in a target language and a basic understanding of its linguistic structure; gain a deeper understanding of textual analysis and literary genres, styles, and periods; engage with current scholarship; and prepare themselves to participate in a global society.

As a significant component for the college experience, every language student is encouraged to participate in a study abroad program to acquire cultural literacy and fluency in a foreign language.

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