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Film Studies Undergraduate Programs

Film studies is among the liberal arts and focuses on the history, theory and production techniques of film. Explore a wide range of courses in all dimensions of filmmaking including documentary, narrative and animation forms as well as screenwriting, film scoring, post-production and film genres.

Professional Opportunities

  • Production Assistant
  • Production Coordinator
  • Post-Production Editor
  • Script Supervisor
  • Graphic Designer
  • Lead Content Specialist and Copywriter
  • Project Manager—Digital Producer

Department of Film Studies provides undergraduate students with expertise in all dimensions of film as both art and business. To be as comprehensive and professional as possible, this curriculum includes: film history and theory, documentary, narrative and animation filmmaking, production studio, production location, digital recording, post-production, film scoring, great directors, screenwriting, film genres, entertainment law, adaptation, lighting design, acting, finance, marketing and internship. Minors, which augment the major in film studies, are available in film scoring or screenwriting.

Film Studies, B.A.

Provides liberal arts students with the history, theory, and production techniques of film; including screenwriting, animation, documentary, narrative filmmaking, and film scoring.

Film Studies Minor

Non-majors interested in learning more about film are encouraged to add it to their degree program as a minor.

Film Scoring Minor

Offered by the School of Music. For Music and Film Studies majors only. Introduction to the art and technology of scoring music for film.

Creative Writing Minor

Non-majors interested in learning more about communication, english, film and theatre are encouraged to add it to their degree program as a minor.