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Department of English Language and Literature

The Department of English immerses students in rich experiences of the literary tradition in England and America and introduces them to critical methods and theoretical approaches to literary study. On this foundation, English electives focus on literary periods, both canonical and noncanonical literary figures, the several genres of literature and the varied cultural contexts in which English literature has arisen and thrived. Put your English degree to work in fields such as film studies, creative writing, history and philosophy. The overall aim of the program is flexible yet directive and cumulative, and provides broad opportunities for professional as well as personal post-graduate application.

TU’s undergraduate programs and courses in English language and literature are at the heart of the university’s humanities-based Tulsa Curriculum. English courses included in the block requirements of the General Curriculum range from classical and modern literature to special topics such as the cultural significance of gender or the Vietnam War.

In addition to the bachelor of arts degree, the faculty of English offer master’s and doctoral degrees, and the resources of the graduate program directly benefit the undergraduate English major. Two distinguished academic journals, James Joyce Quarterly and Tulsa Studies in Women’s Literature, are edited and published under the auspices of the department, and the innovative web-based Modernist Journals Project, a collaboration between Brown University and The University of Tulsa, is directed from the department. Undergraduate internships are available at the MJP and both journals, and at the international literary journal Nimrod, which is housed within the department.

The strong general collection of literary holdings in McFarlin Library and extensive Special Collections in English, Irish and American literature enrich undergraduate studies in English.

Professional Opportunities

Tulsa English graduates are pursuing advanced studies in law, medicine and business. They also are engaged in a variety of careers in public service as well as private industry and enterprise where understanding gained through the study of literature and the ability to communicate effectively in writing and speech are valued as important professional assets.

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