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Education Graduate Program

The MA program in Education is designed to enable students to engage thoughtfully and critically with questions of perennial importance in education, broadly conceived. The faculty makes every effort to help students integrate research and theory with educational policy and practice. In so doing, students master central concepts in the field of education as well as develop the ability to analyze empirically, think critically, and speak and write professionally in the appropriate genre for their educational field.


The MA program attracts intellectually curious and highly motivated individuals who have various professional aspirations. Each student works closely with the Graduate Program Advisor as well as specific faculty whose research aligns with the students’ particular interests and professional goals. Specific fields of study that carry the advantage of faculty depth and the potential for original research are: language acquisition, human development, math education, early literacy development, the history of educational thought, the philosophy of education, the sociocultural foundations of education, and educational policy.

Degree Options


Education, M.A.

Designed to encourage students’ personal growth and specialization within the discipline, available with or without a thesis.

Teaching Arts, M.T.A.

The MTA provides graduate students the opportunity to jointly study professional education in combination with a specific academic discipline.

Mathematics and Science Education, M.S.M.S.E.

The Master of Science in Mathematics and Science Education (M.S.M.S.E.) is a collaboration between the School of Urban Education and the College of Engineering and Natural Sciences. This program provides a solid background in mathematics and science principals for application within formal and/or informal classroom settings.

Professional Opportunities

  • University Professor
  • Educational Researcher
  • Policymaker