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Department of Education

The Department of Education offers bachelor’s degree programs that lead to careers in K-12 teaching, as well as master’s degree programs for those interested in pursuing or advancing their careers as teachers, policymakers and researchers. The Department offers a curriculum that is founded in the arts and sciences and integrated with Education courses, field and clinical experiences, and content specialization programs that draw upon the expertise of faculty from other disciplines such as deaf education, exercise and sports science, instrumental and vocal music education and foreign languages. The Education curriculum is designed to prepare teaching professionals whose credentials meet the requirements of teacher accreditation and certification agencies in the United States.

The mission of the Department of Education is to offer a state-of-the-art program for students seeking careers in our nation’s schools. The Department fulfills this mission by providing academic opportunities that produce transformative professional educators who are:

  • Experts in subject matter and pedagogy;
  • Experts in child and adolescent development;
  • Equipped to advance every child’s learning amid the social, economic and cultural diversity of our classrooms and communities;
  • Committed to educational inquiry and lifelong professional learning;
  • Firm believers in public education as a crucial element of a just and vibrant democracy; and
  • Qualified to meet all requirements of state regulatory agencies and national accrediting associations for teachers.

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