Internship Opportunities

The University of Tulsa’s Kendall College of Arts and Sciences launched the D’Arcy Fellows Program in 2016 to provide its students valuable professional experience across a range of fields — nonprofits, arts organizations, policy think tanks and business corporations. An outstanding curriculum equips students with advanced critical thinking, communication and problem-solving skills that are highly sought after by employers. The D’Arcy Fellowship helps students put such skills to immediate use, enabling them to gain valuable real-world experience, expand networks and explore career options before they graduate.

Funded through a generous estate gift from alumna and long-time TU supporter, Patti D’Arcy (BFA ’49), the D’Arcy Fellowship is a paid internship program that is competitive and challenging with a selective process that matches students with employers to benefit both. Employers have bright, capable and motivated interns for eight to ten weeks in the summer (or a little longer during the academic year) to help with special or ongoing projects, while interns get a glimpse of the workplace and its demands, bridging the gap between student and professional life.

Hear from some of our D’Arcy fellows.

Amelia Som de Cerff

Internships set the foundation for a professional career, and the Kendall College of Arts and Science’s D’Arcy Fellowship is a paid internship program that is competitive and challenging with a selective process that matches students with employers. This past summer, senior art major Amelia Som de Cerff interned with GasTech Engineering, which provides oil and gas engineering and equipment solutions.

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Megan Hosmer

Megan Hosmer breaks the mold. As an artist, she thrives on uniqueness to inspire her photography; and as a junior at The University of Tulsa, she’s used her creative insight to fashion her own degree program.

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  • Internship Deadlines and Key Dates

    The application deadlines for summer 2020 internships are on a rolling basis, starting in February and ending in March. Deadlines are determined according to employer preferences. The application process from the internship posting date to the selection by employer is expected to take an average of six weeks.

  • Application Process

    Internships will be posted on the TU Career Services website and identified as D’Arcy Internships. Interested students should submit a cover letter, resume and a five to six page writing sample by the posted deadline. After the deadline for material submission passes, the selection process will begin with an initial round of interviews on campus to screen applicants and then move to the next round of final interviews with employers.

  • Contact Information

    For questions about the D’Arcy Internship Program, please contact Kalpana Misra, director of the D’Arcy Internship, at or 918.631.3795 or Cait Thompson, D’Arcy Internship coordinator, at or 918.631.2615.

    For assistance with applying for an internship, resumes and cover letters, students should contact the TU Career Services office well in advance of posted deadlines.

  • Previous Fellows


    Emma Palmer, 108|Contemporary

    Naomi Dunn, 108|Contemporary

    Dylan Chilcoat, 108|Contemporary

    Lauren Kerr, 108|Contemporary


    Tessa Copeland, 108|Contemporary

    Jessica Dewey, Gilcrease Museum

    Hannah Le, New Hope Oklahoma

    Layla Mortadha, YWCA Tulsa

    Ethan Veenker, Living Arts of Tulsa


    Melissa Annette, Tulsa Habitat for Humanity

    Haley Ashworth, YWCA Tulsa

    Margaret Brooks, New Hope Oklahoma

    Jack Dean, 108|Contemporary

    Nicholas Hill, Oklahoma Visual Arts Coalition


    Lauren Beatty, New Hope Oklahoma

    Caleb Freeman, Tulsa Habitat for Humanity

    Megan Hosmer, 108|Contemporary

    Chauncy Johnson, YWCA Tulsa

    Amelia Som de Cerff, GasTech Engineering


    Catherine Crain, 108|Contemporary

    Nour El-Sabbagh, Iron Gate

    Tara Grigson, Oklahoma Policy Institute

    Mikayla Pevac, Tulsa Habitat for Humanity

    Daniela Rosales, YWCA Tulsa