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Arts & Sciences Dean’s Circle

Every university is strengthened by the annual giving of alumni and friends and TU is no exception. Gifts to the annual fund provide critical support for programs and expenses in the college that have no other dedicated funding source, and it allows the flexibility to address the most pressing needs that arise on a daily basis.

Annual fund donors giving $2,500 or more are recognized as members of the Dean’s Circle, making them a dedicated group of partners with a proud stake in TU’s success.

Examples of past uses of Dean’s Circle funds include:

  • Student organized TedX talk
  • Student research colloquiums
  • Student travel to participate in the National Student Advertising Competition
  • Etiquette dinners for more than 150 students
  • Partnered with the admissions office to increase student recruitment efforts by subsidizing campus visits and funding promotional videos

If you are interested in being a part of the Kendall College of Arts and Sciences family, please visit our giving page.

2016-2017 Arts & Sciences Dean’s Circle

Ellen and Steve Adelson
Melinda and Mitch ’79 Adwon
Joanie and Tom Atkinson
Olivia Belknap ’96
Elizabeth Bender ’79
Harriet ‘69  and Bill ’67, ’69 Derrevere
Jean Ann ’72 and Tom Fausser
Linda Feagin ’66
Marilyn Girouard ’51
Kathleen Page and Michael Graves ’67, ‘70
Kellie ’72 and Fred Harlan
Nancy and Jerry ’61 Henry
Mary Ann Hille ’65
Robert Hogan
Burt Holmes ’54
Jenk Jones
Mary Lhevine ’82 and George Schnetzer
Susan ’95 and Bob Mase
Judith McCormack ’63, ’77
Teena and Paul Merrywell
Paula ’61 and Malcolm Milsten
Kalpana Misra and Murali Iyengar
Valerie ’86 and Brad Naifeh
Melinda Noel ’72
Vicki Parry ’61
Mindy ’80 and Jesse Pearson
Kay and Tim ’78 Phoenix
Peggy and Ron Predl
Jean Roberts ’39
James Ruddle ’57, ’61
Frank Skipworth ’67, ’70
Betty ’83 and Kelly Swindle
Norma and Steve ’68 Turnbo
Julia and Bill ’86 Watson
Martin Wing


Herbert and Roseline Gussman Foundation
Pearl M. and Julia J. Harmon Foundation
Harlan and Virginia Krumme Trust
George H. Odell Foundation
A.R. and Marylouise Tandy Foundation
Charles and Marion Weber Foundation