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Engage your curiosity. Empower self-discovery.

Freedom to pursue your passion and prepare for a career

Henry Kendall College of Arts and Sciences challenges, enriches and expands your conceptions of the world. Be prepared to ask compelling questions, address complex problems with creative solutions, engage respectfully and knowledgeably with diverse people and cultures, and contribute to the advancement of society in meaningful ways.

The Student Experience

In the Kendall College of Arts & Sciences, take classes that spark self-discovery and lead to you to research the tough questions. Step outside the classroom to engage in our numerous student organizations, and intern with employers who inspire careers. Together, let's cultivate your boundless potential.    
It’s been good to try and give back to communities that don’t necessarily have all of the privileges we have. Donny Gross, Music, Chemical Engineering

Explore Opportunities

Student opportunities are only as limited as your imagination. From studying fossils under a microscope to hanging your painting in our art gallery, tailor your studies and activities to shape your career by using our state-of-the-art facilities, labs, collections and academic journals. Give your resume an international twist with our global education program, and let our alumni network embolden your first career steps.
Studying abroad has been one of the best experiences that could’ve come my way at this time in my life. It’s given me the freedom to come into my own while also challenging me. Alex Isaac, Media Studies, Creative Writing
Sep 24
TU Spanish Club (La Tertulia)
Sep 25
TU Fall Outdoor Film Festival
Sep 25
TUTV Media Lab Open House!