Bachelor of Arts in Chinese Studies

Kalpana Misra
Associate Professor of Political Science

The Chinese Studies major draws from the disciplines of political science, history, literature and language, business and economics to prepare students for a variety of professional careers and academic programs related to China. The Chinese Studies program, as a minor or second major in combination with other disciplines such as Education, Finance or any of the Engineering specialties, will offer TU students the means to enhance their understanding of China in their disciplines globally as well as locally.

Beginning Chinese (1004 and 1014) and Intermediate Chinese (2003 and 2013) or their equivalents are prerequisites for the major and minor. The major consists of 30 credit hours and courses must be taken from at least three disciplines. In addition, a three-hour senior project on a China-related topic must be completed through one of the participating departments.

Students of the major will be encouraged to complete a study abroad program in China for at least one semester. Whether general or discipline-specific, this can be achieved either through consortia such as CIEE and AIFS or through TU’s partnership with East China Normal University. The Director will evaluate all courses taken through affiliated programs for transfer credit toward the major on a case-by-case basis.

For degree requirements, see the academic bulletins.