Department of Sociology

People spend their entire lives in social groups and networks, ranging from the family to global systems. Sociologists study how these groups and networks work. Developing the ability to analyze society is a core component of anyone’s education and personal development, and thus, the sociology major facilitates any career. In addition, sociology majors can design a specific program of study in preparation for graduate school, professional school (law, business, medicine) and for careers in social service, government, research, consulting, teaching or business.

The sociology major offers both structure and flexibility. Students must take 15 credit hours of core subjects that emphasize methods, theory and fundamental issues and concepts in the discipline. In addition, each student maps out a personalized program of study that will satisfy the department’s requirements and accommodate the student’s interests and career aspirations.

Opportunities for internships and actual hands-on research experience are available in the criminal justice system, social service agencies, urban planning and environmental protection agencies and survey research organizations. Sociology is a rewarding major that may be combined with minors or second majors such as psychology, political science, religion, education, biology, Spanish, English and business. Many sociology majors are also part of the Honors Program and many choose to pursue certificates in Women’s and Gender Studies, International Studies or Legal Thought.

Our close, personal attention to students, both within and outside the classroom, is a major strength of the sociology program at the University of Tulsa. We have a deep commitment to teaching and helping students develop their full potential.

We offer courses of study leading to preparation for graduate and professional schools and a variety of careers.


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