Department of Languages

Why are TU Languages graduates so successful in obtaining coveted positions in business, teaching and the most prestigious graduate schools? The answer is simple: It’s what TU graduates can do that sets them apart. Their high achievement typically begins with small, student-centered language classes, continues with a study abroad experience and concludes with challenging advanced-level courses.

The Languages Department currently offers instruction in nine languages. These include three romance languages—Spanish, French, and Portuguese—that account for hundreds of millions of native-speakers in the Americas and Africa as well as Europe. The most-spoken language on the planet, Mandarin Chinese, is the focus of a growing program with strong student interest. Enrollments continue to grow in Russian and German, and dedicated groups of students choose instruction in Hebrew, ancient Greek, and Latin.

In any language we offer, students may take courses toward the language requirement or toward a minor or certificate program. Majors are available in French, German, Russian Studies, and Spanish.

Languages faculty also offer courses in comparative literature, linguistics, film studies, and language pedagogy, producing a total range of innovative course topics such as Francophone African Cinema, the Faust Myth in German Literature and Film, Heroes of Spain from the 12th to the 21st Centuries, and Mexican Theater, Ritual, and Performance.

In the classroom, emphasis is placed on communication. Beginning and intermediate courses are limited to 22 seats and advanced classes are limited to 15 students. A state-of-the-art multimedia language lab provides interactive learning environments. Outside of the classroom, students can opt to participate in one of the many language clubs or honor societies.


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