HERO-classics-cert-stock-image2The Certificate in Classics provides an interdisciplinary approach to the Greco-Roman World and its medieval and modern legacies.  Focusing on “languages” and “civilization,” students are free to elect courses from a variety of disciplines, including Art History, Comparative Literature, Film Studies, Greek, History, Latin, Philosophy, Political Science, Religion, and Theater.  The certificate requires 21 credit hours, of which at least one course must be in “languages” and another in “civilization.”  For more details, see the bulletin link below or contact the program’s director.


Jonathan J. Arnold, Associate Professor of History

Advisory Board

Matthew Drever, Religion
Jacob Howland, Philosophy
Maria Maurer, Art History
Victor Udwin, Languages

Classics Certificate

Designed for the traditional and non-traditional student who wants to acquire a solid foundation in classical (Greco-Roman) civilization.